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By Pietro Schirano

I create custom 'About Me' web pages, including HTML code, profile photos, and social media links.


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What does AboutMe do? (& its Use Cases)

Create Your Personalized 'About Me' Web Page with Ease

AboutMe GPT streamlines the process of building a custom 'About Me' webpage, saving you time and effort.

For Freelancers and Independent Professionals

Enhances their online presence with a personalized and professional-looking webpage.

For Social Media Influencers and Bloggers

Integrates their digital footprint, connecting various social media platforms in one place.

For Artists and Creatives

Offers a visually appealing platform to showcase their work and artistic biography.

AboutMe's Testing Performance

AboutMe's Core Features

Custom HTML Generation

Automatically generates HTML code for a personalized 'About Me' page, saving users from the complexity and time investment of manual coding.

Profile Photo Integration

Offers the choice of uploading a personal photo or creating a unique 3D avatar using DALL-E, enhancing the page's visual appeal with minimal effort.

Social Media Link Embedding

Effortlessly incorporates user-provided social media links into the webpage, streamlining the process of connecting with others online.

Responsive Web Design

Creates web pages that are automatically optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing, ensuring accessibility and ease of use across devices.

Instant Webpage Hosting

Directly hosts the generated webpage on a server, providing users with an immediate and hassle-free way to go live online.

Interactive Share Feature

Includes a 'Share' button for easy copying of the webpage URL, facilitating quick sharing and promoting user engagement.

AboutMe's Prompt Examples

Personal Branding

Create an 'About Me' page for a freelance graphic designer, highlighting their creative skills and linking to their professional portfolio.

Generate a personal webpage for a marketing consultant, showcasing their expertise and linking to their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Design an online bio for an artist, featuring a unique avatar and links to their Instagram and SoundCloud for their artwork and music.

Professional Networking

Build a professional landing page for a software engineer, including links to their GitHub, LinkedIn, and a downloadable resume.

Create an online presence for a business executive, featuring a brief bio, professional headshot, and links to their LinkedIn and Twitter.

Set up a webpage for a startup founder, with a succinct bio, links to their company website, LinkedIn, and a contact email.

Social Media Integration

Develop a personal webpage for a social media influencer, integrating their Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

Create an 'About Me' page for a blogger, featuring their blog's theme, a personal photo, and links to their blog, Instagram, and Twitter.

Generate a webpage for a musician, with a short bio, profile photo, and links to their SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter.

AboutMe's Conversation Examples

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Meet the creator of AboutMe

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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