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Curated top picked this week
Diagrams GPT: Pro Builder
Diagrams GPT: Pro Builder
By pyxl.ai
I create various diagrams (graph, class, sequence, mindmap, etc.) and provide links to edit/view them.
Create Diagrams
Visualize Data
Map Concepts
Organize Information
Design Workflows
Rust Assistant
Rust Assistant
By rustassistant.com
I’m an expert in the Rust ecosystem, specializing in precise code interpretation, up-to-date crate version checking, and in-depth source code analysis.
Crate Information
Source Code Exploration
Project Guidance
Code Searches
Rust Queries
By allwiretech.com
I can quickly search YouTube, US equity data, and web page summarization with vector text search.
Web Searching
Financial Insights
Content Summarization
Video Summarization

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Admit it – the GPTs hunt has left you spinning in circles:

Like navigating a maze without a map, finding a reliable custom GPTs can leave you lost and frustrated. Overwhelmed by endless options, misleading descriptions, and restrictive usage caps? You're not alone.

GPTs hunt has left you spinning in circles
There's a better way

Featured GPTs tested and reviewed the best custom GPTs for you.

Our platform simplifies your journey. We meticulously test and review thousands of custom GPTs, offering you a selection that shines for its quality and reliability. With our detailed guides, comparisons, and use-case insights, you're equipped to choose with confidence.

How is Featured GPTs different from other GPTs directories?

Featured GPTs Other Directories
Basic Information
Real Testing ✖️
Core Features ✖️
How to use it ✖️
Use Cases ✖️
Prompt examples ✖️

All custom GPTs will be manually tested before being listed in the Featured GPTs.

Featured GPTs makes comprehensive profile for each of them, including the test results, core features, how-to-use-it guide and prompt examples.


Why I build this GPTs Directory / GPTs List?

Hey there, I'm Dave.

For a while now, I have been bothered by how badly made these third-party GPT stores are.

With only a name and a description, they think they can help us find the right custom GPTs for our tasks...

However, most of the time, these custom GPTs fail to deliver on their promises or meet expectations. Additionally, the usage cap of GPT-4 is inconvenient, requiring a 3-hour wait before testing again.

If we don't see any difference in quality and don't see any time savings, why don't we simply use the original version of ChatGPT?

All of this makes me feel like custom GPTs are completely useless.

But I found some incredible GPTs creators in this community who keep pushing high-quality GPTs. It's just hard to find their work among 120,000 + custom GPTs.

The most popular (widely used) GPTs may not necessarily be the best.

From just its name and a brief description, we can't know exactly how a custom GPT works.

That's why I make FeaturedGPTs.com: Gather all the GPTs I have tested and found useful. Each one might come with detailed description, including how it works, how to use it, use cases, core features, and comprehensive prompt starters.

My Goal is: Let you know exactly how each custom GPTs works before you try them.

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