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AI Song Maker

3.8 out of 5
By Sherwyn Leander D'souza

I generate lyrics, offer music theory guidance, create custom compositions, and produce MIDI and MusicXML files.


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What does AI Song Maker do? (& its Use Cases)

AI Song Maker transforms your musical ideas into reality.

It offers lyric generation, music theory guidance, and custom composition services.

For budding songwriters,

It provides creative lyric suggestions and melody composition assistance.

For experienced musicians,

It offers advanced music theory insights and composition refinement tools.

For educators and students,

It serves as an interactive tool to learn and apply music theory.

How to Use AI Song Maker?

AI Song Maker: Your digital companion in the world of music creation

Whether you're a budding songwriter, a seasoned composer, or someone looking to explore the musical landscape, this guide is designed to help you navigate and make the most of this innovative tool. Let's dive in.

Getting Started

Begin by articulating your musical vision or idea. It can be a tune you're humming, a theme you're exploring, or even a mood you wish to capture. AI Song Maker is designed to understand and translate your ideas into music, so don't hold back.

Share Your Ideas

  • Natural Language: Describe your idea in words. Be as descriptive as possible. Mention the genre, mood, tempo, and any specific instruments you envision.
  • Images: If you're inspired by a visual, share it. AI Song Maker can interpret images into musical themes.

Utilizing Features

AI Song Maker offers a plethora of features designed to cater to every aspect of song creation. Here's how to make the most of them:

  1. Lyric Generation: Stuck on lyrics? Simply provide a theme or a few starting lines. AI Song Maker will craft fitting lyrics to complement your melody.

  2. Musical Theory Guidance: Unsure about chord progressions or melody lines? Ask for guidance. AI Song Maker draws on scientifically backed musical theories to offer suggestions that enhance your composition.

  3. Custom Composition: From melody to harmony, AI Song Maker assists in crafting unique compositions. Specify your needs, and let the tool do its magic.

  4. Sheet Music and MIDI Creation: Transform your musical ideas into tangible outputs. AI Song Maker generates both sheet music (MusicXML) and soundtracks (MIDI) for iterative refinement and playback.

  5. Educational Resource: Have questions? AI Song Maker serves as a knowledge base for music theory, offering explanations and insights to deepen your understanding.

Action-Oriented Steps

Follow these steps to create your masterpiece:

  1. Initiate: Start by sharing your idea in the chat. Use clear and concise language to describe your vision.

  2. Collaborate: Engage with the generated suggestions and feedback. AI Song Maker is interactive, allowing you to refine your ideas through dialogue.

  3. Specify: The more specific you are about your requirements (e.g., instrument choices, genre, tempo), the more tailored the outcome will be.

  4. Refine: Use the feedback loop to tweak your composition. You can adjust melodies, change instruments, or alter the tempo as needed.

  5. Visualize: If you're also looking for a visual representation of your music, like an album cover, describe your vision. AI Song Maker can generate images that capture the essence of your music.

AI Song Maker's Testing Performance

AI Song Maker's Core Features

Lyric Generation

Tackles writer's block by generating creative and thematic lyrics, enhancing songwriting with fresh, tailored content.

Musical Theory Guidance

Provides expert advice on chord progressions and melodies, grounded in music theory, to refine compositions and elevate music quality.

Custom Composition

Facilitates the creation of unique compositions, allowing users to bring their musical vision to life with tailored arrangements.

Sheet Music & MIDI Creation

Converts musical ideas into sheet music and MIDI files, offering a tangible and editable format for further refinement and playback.

Educational Resource

Serves as a comprehensive guide to music theory, answering questions and deepening understanding for musicians of all levels.

Images to represent music

It can make you music from images or make you an album cover from your music.

FAQs from AI Song Maker

AI Song Maker's Prompt Examples

Generating Lyrics

Create a chorus about overcoming challenges in the style of a power ballad.

Generate verses for a love song that captures the essence of a summer romance.

Write a bridge that ties together themes of hope and resilience in a folk song.

Composing Music

Compose a melody for a pop song that's catchy and upbeat, using piano and guitar.

Create a somber, reflective instrumental piece for strings and piano in D minor.

Design a fast-paced, energetic electronic dance music (EDM) track suitable for clubs.

Music Theory Guidance

Explain how to use the circle of fifths to create a chord progression for a jazz piece.

Provide guidance on modulating from one key to another in a classical composition.

Suggest ways to incorporate polyrhythms in a progressive rock song.

Creating Sheet Music and MIDI Files

Convert my melody and lyrics into sheet music and a MIDI file for a pop song.

Produce sheet music and MIDI for a classical piano piece I've composed.

Generate a MIDI file and sheet music for a jazz arrangement with specific instruments.

Educational Content

Explain the basics of music theory for beginners, including scales and chords.

Teach me about the structure of a blues song and how to write one.

Provide an overview of different musical genres and their characteristic sounds.

Inspiration and Creative Prompts

Inspire me with ideas for a concept album about space exploration.

Suggest a theme for a songwriting challenge that involves unusual time signatures.

Generate a list of instrumental textures and moods to explore in an ambient music project.

AI Song Maker's Conversation Examples

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