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I find trails that fit your nature for your next hike, ride, or run.


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What does AllTrails do? (& its Use Cases)

Discover Trails Tailored to Your Preferences with AllTrails GPT.

AllTrails GPT makes it easy to find hiking, biking, and running trails that match your specific needs and interests.

For Outdoor Enthusiasts and Hikers

Find diverse trails worldwide that fit your desired difficulty, scenery, and distance.

For Biking Aficionados

Locate bike-friendly trails, from mountain biking adventures to scenic road routes.

For Families and Casual Walkers

Access easy, safe trails perfect for family outings and leisurely walks.

How to Use AllTrails?

Quick Guide to Using AllTrails GPT

  1. Specify Location: Start by telling me the location where you want to explore trails (e.g., "Find trails in Yosemite National Park").

  2. Detail Preferences: Mention any specific preferences:

    • Type of Activity: Hiking, biking, running.
    • Trail Features: Dog-friendly, scenic views, waterfalls.
    • Difficulty Level: Easy, moderate, difficult.
    • Trail Length: Short walks, long hikes.
    • Elevation Gain: Low, moderate, high.
  3. Ask for Recommendations: Request trail recommendations based on your preferences (e.g., "Show me easy hiking trails near Denver with great views").

  4. Refine Your Search: If needed, refine your search with more specific details (e.g., "Trails suitable for kids", "Trails less than 5 miles").

  5. Explore Trail Information: Click the links provided to view detailed information on AllTrails.

  6. Further Queries: Feel free to ask follow-up questions for more clarity or additional options.

AllTrails's Testing Performance

AllTrails's Core Features

Trail Discovery

Finding the perfect trail can be overwhelming. This feature simplifies the process by allowing users to discover trails based on location, activity type, and preferences, making it easier to find ideal outdoor experiences on AllTrails.

Customized Search Filters

Users often have specific needs for their outdoor adventures. This feature offers tailored search filters like trail length, difficulty, elevation gain, and dog-friendliness, ensuring users find trails that match their exact requirements.

Activity-Specific Recommendations

Whether it's hiking, biking, or trail running, this feature provides recommendations specifically for the user's chosen activity, ensuring a focused and relevant selection of trails from AllTrails for their preferred outdoor activity.

Detailed Trail Information

Uncertainty about trail specifics can hinder planning. This feature offers comprehensive trail details including distance, elevation, and user ratings, providing confidence and clarity in trail selection and planning.

Location-Based Suggestions

Users often want to explore trails near their location or a chosen destination. This feature delivers trail options based on geographical preferences, making it convenient to find trails in or near desired locations.

Interactive Trail Links

Accessing detailed trail information quickly is crucial. This feature provides direct links to AllTrails, where users can find in-depth trail data, maps, and user reviews, enhancing the planning experience.

FAQs from AllTrails

AllTrails's Prompt Examples

Finding Trails

Show me easy hiking trails near San Francisco with beautiful views.

Find dog-friendly trails in Yosemite National Park.

I need trails suitable for mountain biking in Colorado.

Tailoring Search to Specific Preferences

Locate trails less than 5 miles long with waterfalls in Oregon.

I want to explore trails with high elevation gain for a challenging hike in Washington State.

Search for trails that are stroller-friendly and suitable for young children near me.

Gathering Detailed Trail Information

Provide details for the Topanga Canyon trails in California.

I need information on the difficulty and length of the Appalachian Trail segments in Virginia.

What are the most popular trails in the Grand Canyon with scenic views?

AllTrails's Conversation Examples

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