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I summarize and create notes from YouTube videos and articles, search YouTube content, and export to PDF.

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What does AlphaNotes GPT do? (& its Use Cases)

AlphaNotes GPT: Streamlining Your Learning Journey

AlphaNotes GPT simplifies the process of digesting lengthy digital content into concise summaries and study notes, enhancing your learning experience.

For Students and Lifelong Learners

Transforms complex educational content into easy-to-understand notes and summaries, aiding in efficient study and comprehension.

For Educators and Content Creators

Provides a tool to quickly breakdown instructional content for lesson planning and audience engagement.

For Researchers and Professionals

Assists in extracting key information from extensive resources, saving time and focusing on relevant data.

How to Use AlphaNotes GPT?

How to use the AlphaNotes GPT to enhance your learning experience?


  1. Get a Summary: Provide the video URL. Example: "Can you summarize this? [YouTube Link]"
  2. Take Action: Export as PDF (PhD plan) or interact with ChatGPT for more details.


  1. Generate Notes: Provide the URL for a video or article. Example: "Generate notes for this [YouTube Link]"
  2. Take Action: Export as PDF or interact with ChatGPT for an interactive study session.

Web Articles

  • Summarize and make notes from web articles like videos.

Generate PDFs

  1. Get Content: Use summaries, notes, or your content.
  2. Export: Request to export content into PDF. You'll receive a download link.

Search Videos

  • Search for videos directly within ChatGPT on Vidploma and PhD plans. Example: "Look for videos on [Topic]"

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AlphaNotes GPT's Testing Performance

AlphaNotes GPT's Core Features

Video and Article Summarization

When faced with lengthy videos or articles, getting to the core message can be time-consuming. This feature distills the content into concise summaries, making it easier to grasp key points and main arguments without spending hours on viewing or reading.

Educational Note-Taking

For students and learners, jotting down important notes from educational content can be overwhelming. This tool simplifies the process by extracting and organizing key concepts, definitions, and highlights from videos and articles, aiding in effective study and revision.

YouTube Content Search

Finding specific educational content on YouTube can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. This feature streamlines the process by allowing users to search for YouTube videos based on specific topics, saving time and effort in content discovery.

PDF Export

Compiling notes and summaries into a shareable and readable format is often a tedious task. This feature enables users to easily convert their generated summaries or notes into PDF format, facilitating easy sharing and printing for study or reference.

Interactive Learning Quizzes

Reinforcing learning from video or article content can be challenging. This feature creates interactive quizzes based on the covered material, allowing users to test their understanding and retention, thus enhancing the learning experience.

Focused Study Suggestions

Identifying areas for deeper study in a vast subject can be daunting. This tool suggests specific topics for further exploration based on the content analyzed, guiding learners towards areas that require additional focus or interest.

AlphaNotes GPT's Plans & Pricing

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FAQs from AlphaNotes GPT

AlphaNotes GPT's Prompt Examples

Summarizing YouTube Videos

Can you provide a summary of this YouTube video? [URL]

I need a brief overview of the main points from this video: [URL]

Please summarize the key arguments from this YouTube lecture: [URL]

Creating Study Notes from Videos or Articles

Can you generate study notes from this video? [URL]

I'd like notes with key concepts and definitions from this article: [URL]

Please create a study aid for this educational video: [URL]

Searching YouTube Content

Can you find YouTube videos about quantum physics?

I'm looking for tutorials on Python programming on YouTube.

Please search for YouTube lectures on European history.

Exporting Content to PDF

Can you convert this summary into a PDF? [Content or URL]

I'd like these notes in PDF format, please. [Content or URL]

Please export the summarized information into a PDF document. [Content or URL]

Generating Interactive Quizzes

Can you create a quiz based on this video for me? [URL]

I need a few quiz questions from this article to test my understanding: [URL]

Please generate a short quiz from the key points in this lecture: [URL]

Suggesting Areas for Deeper Study

Based on this video, what topics should I explore further? [URL]

From this article, can you suggest areas for deeper study? [URL]

What are the recommended topics for further research related to this video's content? [URL]

AlphaNotes GPT's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of AlphaNotes GPT

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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