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Alt Text Assistant

By Dara Ryder

I create alt text for images, emphasizing accessibility for blind users, and remind users to review for accuracy and context.

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What does Alt Text Assistant do? (& its Use Cases)

Alt Text Assistant GPT helps you make your images accessible to everyone.

It generates descriptive text for images, ensuring they're inclusive for visually impaired users.

For content creators

It provides accessible descriptions, enhancing the inclusivity of digital media.

For educators

It aids in creating accessible educational materials for diverse learners.

For web developers

It assists in adhering to web accessibility standards, improving website usability.

Alt Text Assistant's Testing Performance

Alt Text Assistant's Core Features

Image Description Creation

Generates alt text for images, aiding accessibility for visually impaired users. This feature transforms visual data into descriptive text, making content accessible in screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Complex Image Analysis

Specializes in detailed descriptions for intricate visuals like charts and graphs. This is crucial for conveying complex information in an accessible format, enhancing comprehension for users relying on screen readers.

Contextual Accuracy Emphasis

Highlights the importance of context in alt text, ensuring that descriptions are not only accurate but also relevant to the document's purpose, improving the user experience for those depending on screen readers.

User Review Reminder

Regularly prompts users to review and modify generated alt text, emphasizing the need for human oversight. This safeguard enhances the reliability and appropriateness of alt text for diverse audiences.

Accessibility Focus

Prioritizes creating alt text that is not just descriptive, but also useful for blind and visually impaired users, ensuring that digital content is more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience.

Error Checking in Data Points

Alerts users to verify data points in complex images like charts, safeguarding against potential inaccuracies in automatic interpretations and ensuring precise information conveyance.

Alt Text Assistant's Prompt Examples

Creating Alt Text for Simple Images

Please provide alt text for this photo of a golden retriever sitting in a park.

I need alternative text for an image showing a stack of books on a wooden table.

Can you generate a description for this image of a sunset over the ocean?

Describing Complex Graphics or Charts

I have a bar chart showing annual sales data from 2015 to 2020. Can you create alt text for this?

Please provide a detailed description for this infographic about renewable energy sources.

Create alt text for this complex flowchart depicting the software development process.

Review and Edit Suggestions for Existing Alt Text

Here's an existing alt text for a company logo. Can you suggest improvements?

Review this alt text for an image of a cityscape and advise if it's suitable for blind users.

I have alt text for a diagram explaining the water cycle. Please check for accuracy and completeness.

Alt Text Assistant's Conversation Examples

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Meet the creator of Alt Text Assistant

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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