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I specialize in interacting with GitHub repositories, analyzing structure, commits, issues, and conducting specific searches within repositories.

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What does AskTheCode do? (& its Use Cases)

Enhance your GitHub experience with tailored repository insights and interactions.

AskTheCode GPT specializes in providing detailed analyses of GitHub repositories, code searches, and commit histories to streamline your development process.

For Developers and Coders

Facilitates code navigation, identifies key changes, and improves code understanding for efficient project management.

For Project Managers and Team Leads

Offers insights into project structures and histories, aiding in informed decision-making and oversight.

For Open Source Contributors

Streamlines finding relevant projects and issues, enhancing contribution efficiency and collaboration.

How to Use AskTheCode?

How to use AskTheCode GPT?

Using the AskTheCode GPT involves several specific flows, each designed to assist you in interacting with GitHub repositories. Here's a quick guide on how to use each flow:

  1. Repository Structure Query Flow:

    • Use this when you need information about a GitHub repository's structure or specific details within it.
    • It begins with querying the repository to obtain its structure and may require multiple queries for larger repositories.
    • After ascertaining the structure, the flow proceeds to query for the contents of relevant files.
  2. Search Flow:

    • This is used to find specific elements within GitHub repositories, such as code, commits, issues, or entire repositories.
    • It includes searches for specific programming constructs within a repository, finding specific commits, locating specific issues, or finding GitHub repositories based on your keywords.
  3. GitHub Commit Analysis Flow:

    • Engage this flow for an overview of specific commits and the changes they include in a repository.
    • It provides a summary of the commit's contents and details modifications, additions, or deletions introduced by the commit.
  4. File Commit History Analysis Flow:

    • Use this to gain insights into the version history of a specific file within a GitHub repository.
    • It involves retrieving the file commit history and presenting it, with the option to delve deeper into specific commits.
  5. GitHub Issues Flow:

    • This flow is for when you need information about GitHub issues or need to interact with them (like posting a comment).
    • It can retrieve details about a particular issue and allows you to post a comment on a GitHub issue.

Remember, each flow is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, providing precise information based on your queries. If you have a specific request or need assistance with a GitHub repository, feel free to ask, and I'll guide you through the appropriate flow!

For further information, you can refer to the AskTheCode documentation and other resources:

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AskTheCode's Core Features

Repository Structure Analysis

For understanding the layout of a GitHub repository, this feature breaks down the structure into a comprehensible format. It's crucial for navigating large repositories, allowing users to quickly locate files, directories, and understand the organization of the project.

Code Search within Repositories

This feature assists in locating specific code elements (functions, classes) in a repository. Ideal for developers who need to find instances of code usage or definitions quickly, it scans the repository and pinpoints exact locations of the specified elements.

Commit History Analysis

Offering insights into the evolution of files, this feature retrieves and displays the commit history of a specific file. It's essential for tracking changes, understanding development progress, and identifying key modifications made over time.

Commit Content Examination

For in-depth analysis of specific commits, this feature details the changes made, including file additions, deletions, and modifications. It aids in understanding the impact of a particular commit, which is vital for code review and version control.

GitHub Issue Interaction

This feature allows for reading and interacting with GitHub issues. Users can access detailed issue discussions, providing context for project developments and enabling active participation in the collaborative process through comments and feedback.

Repository Search

Facilitates finding GitHub repositories based on specific criteria. This feature is useful for developers seeking projects of interest, either for contribution, research, or learning purposes, by filtering through the vast array of repositories on GitHub.

FAQs from AskTheCode

AskTheCode's Prompt Examples

Analyzing Repository Structure

Can you provide a breakdown of the file structure for the repository at https://github.com/example/repo?

I need to understand the directory layout of the 'dev' branch in this GitHub repository. Here's the link: https://github.com/example/repo.

What are the main components and file organization of the master branch in this GitHub project? URL: https://github.com/example/repo.

Searching Code within Repositories

Find all instances of the 'login' function in the https://github.com/example/repo repository.

Can you search for the definition of the 'UserModel' class in this repo? Link: https://github.com/example/repo.

I need to locate where the method 'calculateTax' is used in the repository at https://github.com/example/repo.

Commit Analysis

Please analyze the changes made in the latest commit of https://github.com/example/repo.

What files were modified in the commit with this SHA 'abc123' in the repository https://github.com/example/repo?

Can you provide a summary of the commit from two days ago in this GitHub project? URL: https://github.com/example/repo.

File Commit History Review

Show the commit history for the file 'app.js' in the https://github.com/example/repo repository.

I'm interested in the version history of 'styles.css' in this project: https://github.com/example/repo.

Could you retrieve the commit logs for the 'README.md' file in the master branch of https://github.com/example/repo?

Interacting with GitHub Issues

Read the comments on issue #12 from the repository at https://github.com/example/repo.

Can you post a comment on my behalf to issue #45 in this repo? Here's the link: https://github.com/example/repo.

Please find all open issues related to 'bug fixes' in the repository https://github.com/example/repo.

Searching for GitHub Repositories

Find repositories related to 'machine learning' in Python.

I'm looking for trending repositories in JavaScript focused on 'web development'.

Can you search for the most starred repositories last month on 'data science'?

AskTheCode's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of AskTheCode

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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