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AskYourPDF Research Assistant

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I can write AI essays with citations, add citations to existing texts, and extract information from PDF documents.

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What does AskYourPDF Research Assistant do? (& its Use Cases)

Enhance Your Research and Writing with AI-Powered Assistance

Providing accurate, AI-generated essays and efficient information extraction from PDFs, tailored to streamline your academic and professional tasks.

For Students

Facilitates essay writing and research, making academic assignments more manageable and less time-consuming.

For Researchers

Assists in quickly sourcing references and extracting specific data from dense documents, enhancing research efficiency.

For Writers

Offers tools for adding citations and references, ensuring the integrity and credibility of their written content.

How to Use AskYourPDF Research Assistant?

Function: AI Essay Writer with References

How to Use:

  1. Request an Essay: Provide a topic or a prompt for the essay.
  2. Automatic Writing and Referencing: The tool writes the essay and finds relevant references.
  3. Review: You receive an essay with in-text citations and a reference list in APA format.

Function: AI References and Citation Tool

How to Use:

  1. Submit Your Text: Provide the text or article that needs references.
  2. Citation Insertion: The tool analyzes the text and inserts appropriate in-text citations.
  3. Reference Generation: A reference list is generated based on the citations added.

Function: Chat with PDF

How to Use:

  1. Provide PDF Link or Document ID: Share the URL of a PDF document or its ID.
  2. Document Processing: The tool downloads and processes the document.
  3. Query Information: Ask specific questions or request information extraction from the document.
  4. Receive Extracted Data: Get precise answers with page references from the PDF.

How can I chat with multiple documents?

To chat with multiple documents using this AI tool, you'll typically go through a process of uploading or downloading each document into a vector database, which then allows me to access and query information from them. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. Collect Document URLs or IDs:

    • If you have URLs for the documents, ensure they are direct links to PDF files. For Arxiv papers, the URL should be in the format https://arxiv.org/pdf/[paper_id].pdf.
    • If you already have document IDs from previous interactions, keep them handy.
  2. Uploading or Downloading Documents:

    • If you have URLs, I can download each document for you. I will make separate API calls for each link.
    • If you have PDF files on your device, you can upload them, and I will guide you through this process.
  3. Confirmation and Processing:

    • For each document, I will confirm with you before proceeding to the next one. This ensures accuracy in managing multiple documents.
  4. Querying Information:

    • Once the documents are in the database, you can ask me questions related to the content of these documents.
    • I will query the documents and provide answers based on the information available in them, including specific page references.
  5. Managing Multiple Documents:

    • If you want to interact with a specific document, you can provide its ID, and I'll fetch information from that particular one.
    • For broader queries spanning multiple documents, I'll consider all the documents in the database to find the most relevant information.
  6. Additional Operations:

    • If you need to add more documents or delete existing ones, you can do so at any time.
    • For specific queries or operations like summarizing information, comparing data across documents, or extracting specific details, just let me know your requirements.

Remember, for every new document or set of documents you want to interact with, you'll need to either provide the URLs or upload the files, and then I can proceed with downloading and storing them for querying.

AskYourPDF Research Assistant's Testing Performance

AskYourPDF Research Assistant's Core Features

AI Essay Writer with References

Automatically generates well-researched essays and seamlessly integrates relevant academic references in APA style, streamlining the writing and research process for students and professionals.

AI Citation Enhancement

Efficiently adds accurate, APA-style citations to existing texts, enhancing their credibility and academic integrity without altering the original content, essential for researchers and writers.

Advanced PDF Interaction

Extracts precise information from PDFs, including downloading and querying documents, ideal for quickly accessing specific data in dense academic or professional documents.

Dynamic Reference Generation

Generates a list of relevant academic references based on specific keywords, streamlining the process of sourcing credible citations for researchers and students.

Knowledge Base Query

Efficiently searches through designated knowledge bases using document IDs, allowing for quick retrieval of specific information from a vast array of stored documents.

Real-time Paper Updates

Provides the latest updates in academic research by fetching recent papers from Arxiv, keeping students and researchers abreast of the newest developments in their field.

FAQs from AskYourPDF Research Assistant

AskYourPDF Research Assistant's Prompt Examples

Writing AI-Enhanced Essays

Please write an essay about the impact of artificial intelligence on modern healthcare, including relevant citations.

Can you create an essay discussing the ethical implications of AI in surveillance, with appropriate academic references?

I need an essay on AI's role in climate change solutions, complete with cited sources.

Adding Citations to Existing Texts

Here's my article on machine learning in finance. Can you add APA citations to it?

I have a report on renewable energy technologies. Please enhance it with appropriate academic references.

Can you insert citations in my thesis on quantum computing according to APA style?

Extracting Information from PDF Documents

I have this PDF on neural networks. Can you summarize the key points and provide the information from page 15?

Please download this research paper from the provided URL and extract data about gene therapy techniques.

I need specific information on solar panel efficiency from this PDF document. Can you find it for me?

AskYourPDF Research Assistant's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of AskYourPDF Research Assistant

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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