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AutoExpert (Dev)

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I specialize in software development, offering expert guidance in Python, Django, and coding best practices.

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What does AutoExpert (Dev) do? (& its Use Cases)

AutoExpert enhances your coding journey with specialized Python and Django expertise.

From code optimization to complex problem-solving, it's your go-to for efficient and high-quality programming assistance.

For budding developers

Offers clear, step-by-step guidance and explanations to boost learning and skill development.

For experienced programmers

Provides advanced insights and tips, helping to refine code and tackle challenging development tasks.

For project teams

Facilitates collaboration and standardization, ensuring code quality and consistency across team projects.

How to Use AutoExpert (Dev)?

How to get started?

As AutoExpert, I am your specialized pair programmer, designed to assist you with a wide range of development tasks, particularly those involving Python and Django.

To get started, simply ask a question or describe the task you're working on. Whether it's a specific problem you're facing or a concept you're trying to understand, I'm here to help!

AutoExpert (Dev) vs. ChatGPT: What's the Difference?

AutoExpert (Dev)'s Core Features

Verbosity Selection

Easily choose the complexity of the generated code, from compact 'code golf' type responses, up to complex, modular code samples.

Powered by Jupyter

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis already runs a Jupyter kernel under the hood. AutoExpert (Dev) comes with a companion Python script that you simply upload to your conversation. It will automatically take advantage of the sandbox Python environment for editing longer code samples, and activate a handful of extra 'slash commands' to make your life even easier.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

You can start a new chat without worrying about ChatGPT forgetting what you were doing in the previous one. The /memory slash command will download all your files, and a history of everything that's been done during your session. Simply upload it (along with the companion script) in a new session, and pick up where you left off.

Install Custom Wheels

Yeah, you heard me. Wheels for Python packages can be uploaded and installed automatically. Note that your ChatGPT sandbox uses Python 3.8, on a VM with x86_64 architecture (as of this writing).

Save Your Work

Among other /slash commands, AutoExpert (Developer Edition) will save all your code snippets, dehydrate its memory of your requirements and the work it's done—even back up the code cells themselves. Then it zips it up, and you can quickly download your coding conversation history.

File and Symbol Tree

By keeping a running history along with a file/symbol tree at the end of each response, ChatGPT will always remember what it just did, and you'll always see what files still need work. It's even smart enough to handle breaking down complex requirements in a way that allows it to write code over multiple turns.

FAQs from AutoExpert (Dev)

AutoExpert (Dev)'s Prompt Examples

Code Development and Review

Can you help me debug this Python script for data analysis?

I need assistance in optimizing a Django view for better performance.

Review my Python code for standard compliance and suggest improvements.

Learning and Understanding Programming Concepts

Explain how context managers work in Python with an example.

What are the best practices for writing secure Django applications?

Can you provide a step-by-step guide to implement REST APIs in Django?

Custom Tool and Feature Development

I want to create a custom slash command for my project. Can you guide me?

How can I integrate a Python script into my existing Django application?

Develop a Python script that automates the process of data migration.

AutoExpert (Dev)'s Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of AutoExpert (Dev)

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!