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I analyze data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok ads, and graph results for insights.

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What does Avian do? (& its Use Cases)

Avian enhances your data analysis and decision-making process.

It provides in-depth insights from various data sources like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, tailored to your specific needs.

For Digital Marketers

Avian offers detailed ad performance analysis, optimizing your marketing strategies and budget allocation.

For E-commerce Businesses

It analyzes customer behavior and website traffic, aiding in refining your online user experience and sales funnel.

For Social Media Managers

Avian provides insights into social media engagement and audience demographics, enhancing content strategy and outreach.

How to Use Avian?

How to get started with Avian for data analysis?

To get started with Avian for data analysis, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Account Authentication

Authenticate Your Accounts: Connect and authenticate your accounts for the data sources you wish to use (e.g., Facebook Ads, Google Analytics).

Step 2: Data Query

  1. Select Data Source: Choose from available sources like Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads, Instagram, TikTok ads, etc.
  2. Define Query Parameters: Specify your query's details, including date range, fields (metrics and dimensions), filters, and sorting options.

Step 3: Analyze and Gain Insights

  1. Review Retrieved Data: Avian presents the data in an easy-to-understand, tabular format.
  2. Get Insights: Avian offers precise analysis and insights based on your data.
  3. Request Custom Analysis: If needed, ask for specific analyses tailored to your business or project needs.

Step 4: Graphical Representation (Optional)

  1. Graph Your Data: Avian can create graphs for a visual representation of your data.
  2. Specify Graph Requirements: Provide details like the data points you want to visualize and the type of graph you need.

Avian's Testing Performance

Avian's Core Features

Comprehensive Data Source Integration

Avian integrates with multiple platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and TikTok, streamlining data retrieval and analysis from various sources into one efficient workflow.

Customizable Data Queries

Tailor data queries with flexible parameters such as date range, metrics, and filters. This feature allows for precise and relevant data extraction, catering to specific analysis needs.

In-depth Ad Performance Insights

Specialized in analyzing ad data, Avian provides detailed insights on CPC, CTR, and ROI, helping users optimize ad spend and strategy across platforms like Google and Facebook.

User Behavior and Web Traffic Analysis

Offers deep insights into web analytics, tracking user engagement, behavior patterns, and site performance, essential for enhancing user experience and website optimization.

Graphical Data Representation

Transforms complex data sets into clear, visual graphs and charts, making data interpretation intuitive and accessible, aiding in better decision-making processes.

Social Media Metrics Analysis

Provides comprehensive insights into social media performance, including engagement rates and audience demographics, vital for effective social media strategy and content planning.

FAQs from Avian

Avian's Prompt Examples

Ad Performance Analysis

Retrieve and analyze data from Facebook Ads for the last 30 days to assess CPC and CTR trends.

Get Google Ads performance metrics for the past quarter, focusing on Impressions, Clicks, and Conversion Rate.

Analyze TikTok ad campaign effectiveness over the last two weeks, measuring Reach, Engagement, and Cost Per Conversion.

Web Traffic and User Behavior Analysis

Query Google Analytics for monthly website traffic and user engagement metrics, including Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration.

Analyze weekly new vs returning users and pageviews from Google Analytics to understand visitor behavior trends.

Examine top-performing web pages in terms of user time spent and interaction rates over the past month using Google Analytics.

Social Media Engagement and Reach

Assess Instagram engagement rates, including likes, comments, and follower growth, for the last three months.

Evaluate Facebook page insights, focusing on post reach, shares, and audience demographics for recent campaigns.

Analyze TikTok content performance, tracking video views, likes, shares, and audience demographics for the current month.

Avian's Conversation Examples

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