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Blender Guru

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I provide expert Blender assistance, offering detailed guidance, scripting help, and Blender resource links for users at all skill levels.

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What does Blender Guru do? (& its Use Cases)

Blender Guru helps you master Blender, offering precise, user-friendly guidance.

It provides detailed instructions, scripting aid, and resource links for Blender tasks and issues.

For beginners

Guides you through basic concepts and tools, making Blender accessible and enjoyable.

For intermediate users

Offers advanced techniques and tips to enhance your Blender skills.

For advanced users

Assists in complex projects and Python scripting for customized solutions.

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Blender Guru's Core Features

Extensive Blender Knowledge Base

Access a vast repository of Blender-specific information, including detailed guidance, API documentation, and Blender manual content. Perfect for users seeking reliable and comprehensive data to enhance their 3D modeling and animation skills in Blender.

Automated VRM Scripting Assistance

Provides specialized support for VRM file import/export and dynamic character creation in Blender using Python scripts. Ideal for users looking to streamline their VRM workflow and automate repetitive tasks in character modeling.

Custom Blender Scripting Tutorials

Offers step-by-step tutorials and examples for custom Python scripting in Blender, aiding users in automating tasks, customizing workflows, and enhancing their Blender projects with advanced scripting capabilities.

Blender Material and Texturing Insights

Delivers expert advice on Blender's material and texturing functionalities, including MToon material settings for VRM files. Users can create more visually striking and professionally textured 3D models.

Interactive Learning Support

Blender Guru fosters a learning environment with a touch of humor and interactive support, making the complex process of mastering Blender more engaging and accessible for beginners and advanced users alike.

YouTube Tutorial Integration

Enhances learning by linking to relevant YouTube tutorials. This feature bridges the gap between textual instructions and visual demonstrations, offering users a more comprehensive understanding of Blender's functionalities.

Blender Guru's Prompt Examples

VRM Character Creation and Export

How can I import a VRM file into Blender and apply custom animations?

What steps should I follow to create a VRM character from scratch in Blender?

Can you guide me through exporting a VRM file from Blender with all the necessary metadata settings?

Blender Python Scripting for Automation

I need to automate the process of adding materials to multiple objects in Blender using Python. Can you provide a script for this?

How can I use Python to create a custom UI panel in Blender for my project?

Can you show me how to write a Python script in Blender for batch rendering multiple scenes?

Advanced Texturing and Material Setup

What's the best way to set up a realistic glass material in Blender?

How can I use node-based materials to create a procedural wood texture in Blender?

I'm struggling with UV unwrapping and texturing a complex model in Blender. Can you guide me through the process?

Blender Guru's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of Blender Guru

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