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I analyze food images to identify ingredients, calculate their nutritional content, and present this data in a detailed table.

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What does CaloriesChecker.com do? (& its Use Cases)

NutriGPT helps you analyze your meal's nutritional content through food image analysis.

It identifies ingredients, estimates quantities, and calculates macros and calories, presented in a detailed table.

For health-conscious eaters

NutriGPT offers precise nutritional breakdowns, aiding in diet tracking and meal planning.

For fitness enthusiasts

It supports fitness goals by providing detailed macro and calorie counts of meals.

For home cooks

NutriGPT helps in balancing meal nutrition, ensuring wholesome home-cooked meals.

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CaloriesChecker.com's Core Features

Precise Nutritional Analysis

NutriGPT expertly analyzes food images to identify ingredients and calculate their macro-nutrient content, providing an accurate breakdown of calories, protein, carbs, and fats for healthier diet tracking.

Ingredient Identification

With advanced image recognition, NutriGPT identifies visible ingredients in a meal, even accounting for cooking methods and additional factors like cooking oils, offering detailed insight into meal composition.

Comprehensive Nutritional Table

NutriGPT generates a detailed table listing each ingredient's quantity and nutritional information, offering a clear, consolidated view of the meal's macro-nutrient profile in one glance.

Total Meal Nutrition Summary

The tool provides a summarized total of the entire meal's nutritional content, integrating this data within the same table for a complete and efficient overview of calorie, protein, carb, and fat intake.

Adaptability to Cooking Variations

NutriGPT adapts its analysis based on cooking methods, recognizing how these can alter the nutritional value of ingredients, ensuring more accurate and relevant nutritional information.

Ease of Use

Designed for simplicity, NutriGPT requires only a photo of the meal to deliver comprehensive nutritional data, making it a convenient tool for anyone seeking to understand and manage their dietary intake.

CaloriesChecker.com's Prompt Examples

Dietary Tracking and Meal Planning

Here's a photo of my breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, toast, and a smoothie. Could you break down the nutritional content for me?

I've prepared a salad with various greens, grilled chicken, and a vinaigrette dressing. Can you analyze its calories and macros?

This is my homemade spaghetti Bolognese. Please provide a detailed nutritional breakdown, including the calories from the pasta and meat sauce.

Health and Fitness Goal Monitoring

I'm aiming for a high-protein, low-carb diet. Here's a picture of my lunch, please analyze its protein and carb content.

As someone working on weight loss, I need to know the calorie count of this veggie wrap and fruit smoothie.

For my muscle-building regime, I need a breakdown of the protein and fats in this steak and potatoes meal.

Culinary Education and Ingredient Awareness

I'm unfamiliar with this dish; it's a traditional Thai curry. Can you identify the ingredients and their nutritional values?

This is a photo of a meal I had at a restaurant, which includes several items I can't recognize. Please identify them and provide their nutritional information.

As a culinary student, I'm exploring different cuisines. Here's a picture of a Middle Eastern dish I made; can you analyze the ingredients and their health benefits?

CaloriesChecker.com's Conversation Examples

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Meet the creator of CaloriesChecker.com

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