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CK-12 Flexi

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I'm a CK-12 AI tutor, specializing in assisting students with math and science topics.

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What does CK-12 Flexi do? (& its Use Cases)

CK-12 Flexi: Your Guide to Math and Science Learning

Flexi helps you understand complex concepts through interactive, step-by-step explanations and personalized support.

For Middle and High School Students

Offering clarity in subjects like Algebra, Biology, and more, making learning engaging and effective.

For Aspiring STEM Enthusiasts

Provides a strong foundation in STEM subjects, preparing you for advanced studies and careers.

For Curious Minds Seeking Knowledge

Encourages exploration and deep understanding of a wide range of science and math topics.

How to Use CK-12 Flexi?

Getting Started with Flexi

  1. Ask Your Question:

    • Directly ask any math or science question.
    • Be specific for more tailored help.
  2. Explore Topics:

    • Request help on a specific topic (e.g., Algebra, Biology).
    • I'll guide you through the key concepts.
  3. Step-by-Step Problem Solving:

    • Stuck on a problem? Ask me to solve it.
    • I'll break it down into simpler steps.
  4. Challenge Yourself:

    • After solving a problem, ask for a challenge question.
    • Enhance your understanding with these tailored questions.
  5. Study and Test Prep:

    • Ask for help in studying for a test.
    • I can provide a quiz or discuss key topics.
  6. Learning New Topics:

    • Interested in learning something new?
    • I'll create a learning agenda for you.
  7. Utilize CK-12 Resources:

    • Ask for CK-12 resources on your topic.
    • Access interactive lessons and practice exercises.


  • Always feel free to ask follow-up questions.
  • Let me know if you have specific interests or needs.

CK-12 Flexi's Testing Performance

CK-12 Flexi's Core Features

Step-by-Step Problem Solving

When students struggle with complex problems, I offer step-by-step guidance, breaking the problem into manageable parts. This method aids in understanding each step and concept, making problem-solving less overwhelming and more accessible.

Interactive Learning Assistance

I provide interactive responses to student queries, adapting to their understanding level. This feature makes learning dynamic and personalized, addressing individual educational needs and enhancing student engagement with the subject matter.

Challenge Questions

After mastering a concept, students can request challenge questions. These questions deepen understanding by applying concepts in new contexts, thereby reinforcing learning and encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Study and Test Preparation

I assist in studying and preparing for tests by offering quizzes and discussing key topics. This targeted approach helps students focus on essential areas, boosting confidence and improving performance in assessments.

Custom Learning Agendas

For in-depth learning, I create tailored learning agendas, focusing on specific topics. These agendas provide structured learning paths, ensuring comprehensive coverage of material and efficient use of study time.

Access to CK-12 Educational Resources

I guide students to relevant CK-12 resources, including interactive lessons and practice exercises. This access to a wide range of quality educational content supplements learning and offers diverse methods to explore and understand topics.

FAQs from CK-12 Flexi

CK-12 Flexi's Prompt Examples

Problem Solving in Math and Science

Can you help me solve this algebra equation: 2x + 7 = 15?

How do I calculate the acceleration of an object if I know the force and mass?

What is the process of photosynthesis in plants?

Understanding Concepts

What is the Pythagorean theorem and how is it used?

Can you explain Newton's laws of motion?

What are the states of matter and how do they change?

Test and Quiz Preparation

I have a biology test on cell structure, can you help me prepare?

Can you give me a quiz on quadratic equations for my math class?

I need to review the periodic table for a chemistry quiz, can you assist?

Creating Learning Agendas

I want to learn more about trigonometry, can you create a learning plan?

Can we develop a schedule for studying different ecosystems in biology?

I need a structured approach to learn about the solar system.

Providing Challenge Questions

I just learned about chemical reactions, can you give me a challenge question?

Now that I understand linear equations, what’s a more complex problem I can try?

I've mastered basic physics concepts, can you challenge me with an advanced problem?

Accessing CK-12 Learning Resources

Can you find me a CK-12 lesson on the human circulatory system?

I need CK-12 practice exercises for algebraic expressions.

Where can I find CK-12 simulations on wave interference?

CK-12 Flexi's Conversation Examples

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