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Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool

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I provide AI-powered OSINT data extraction and analysis, supporting domain, IP, people, and email investigations.


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What does Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool do? (& its Use Cases)

Cylect.io enhances your OSINT capabilities with advanced data extraction and analysis.

It simplifies complex investigations, offering specialized tools for domains, IP addresses, people, and emails.

For Cybersecurity Professionals

Cylect.io aids in identifying digital threats and securing networks with its comprehensive domain and IP analysis.

For Investigators and Researchers

Provides in-depth background checks and people search capabilities, crucial for detailed investigations.

For IT Specialists

Offers essential tools for network and email analysis, supporting IT infrastructure security and management.

How to Use Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool?

How to get started?

Here's a concise guide on how to get started with Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool, Beta v0.0.3. This guide is designed for easy scanning and covers the primary use cases of the tool:

Getting Started with Cylect.io

1. Basic Setup

  • Input Field: Enter your query (e.g., domain, IP address, person, email) in the "google_id" input field.
  • Enter Key: Press "Enter" after typing your query to trigger the search.
  • Default Action: The tool will open the results in a new tab by default.

2. Query Types and Tool Links

  • Domain Queries:
    • Use for investigating website domains.
    • Tools: WebCheck, CensysDomain, SecurityTrails, etc.
  • IP Address Queries:
    • For exploring details about an IP address.
    • Tools: Shodan, Viewdnsip, IPAddress, etc.
  • Person Queries:
    • To find information about individuals.
    • Tools: Spokeo, Whitepages, Truepeoplesearch, etc.
  • Email Address Queries:
    • For email verification and details.
    • Tools: Hunter, Emailrep, CleanTalk, etc.

3. Investigation Process

  • Who is associated?
    • Identify entities or individuals linked to the subject.
  • What is the subject about?
    • Understand the nature or content of the subject.
  • When and how long?
    • Establish the timeline and duration of relevance.
  • Where did it originate?
    • Investigate geographical or digital origin.
  • Why did it come about?
    • Explore reasons or circumstances of emergence.

4. Advanced Search Options

  • Date-Specific Search: GoogleDate for time-bound information.
  • News and Blogs: GoogleNews and GoogleBlogs for recent updates.
  • Academic Research: GoogleScholar for scholarly articles.
  • Legal Documents: GooglePatents for patents related to the subject.

5. Specialized Searches

  • Social Media Analysis: TwitterName, Gtwitter, FollerMe for Twitter; ginstagram, binginsta for Instagram.
  • Coding and Development: Github, GrepApp, PublicWWW for code and repository searches.
  • Geographical Data: GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMap, WikiMap for location-based information.

6. Using the Interface

  • Accordion Functionality: Click on different containers to view respective tool links.
  • Tab Navigation: Use tabs like 'Domain', 'IP Address', 'Person', etc., to navigate between different types of searches.

7. Performing Analysis

  • Web Browsing: Use the provided links to gather information and answer the key investigation questions.
  • Documenting Findings: Keep track of your findings for comprehensive analysis.

8. Additional Features

  • External Search Engines: Access to YouAI, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc., for broader searches.
  • Specialized OSINT Tools: Access to tools like Ahmia for deep web searches, or specialized databases for specific queries.

Tips for Efficient Use

  • Start with Specific Queries: The more precise your query, the more relevant your results.
  • Utilize Multiple Tools: Don't rely on a single source; cross-reference with multiple tools for comprehensive insights.
  • Document Your Process: Keep a record of your searches and findings for future reference or reporting.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check for updates to the tool for new features and improved functionalities.

This guide aims to provide you with a quick and efficient way to understand and navigate Cylect.io. For further details, you may explore each tool and functionality as per your specific OSINT needs.

Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool's Testing Performance

Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool's Core Features

OSINT Data Extraction

Cylect.io specializes in extracting information from open sources. This is crucial for users needing to gather intelligence from publicly available data, providing a streamlined way to acquire necessary information efficiently.

Comprehensive People Search

This feature allows users to conduct in-depth searches on individuals. It solves the problem of scattered information by aggregating data from various public records, social media, and other sources, simplifying personal background checks.

Domain and IP Analysis

With Cylect.io, analyzing domains and IP addresses becomes effortless. This feature is essential for cybersecurity experts and IT professionals to assess digital threats and understand the infrastructure of potentially malicious entities.

Email Address Investigation

This feature targets the pain point of verifying and investigating email addresses. Whether for security, marketing, or personal reasons, it provides detailed insights about email origins, usage, and associated risks.

Geographical Data Tools

Cylect.io offers tools like GoogleMaps and OpenStreetMap, crucial for users requiring geographical analysis. This feature helps in visualizing location data, aiding in various investigations from business to personal use.

Specialized OSINT Tools Access

Access to specialized OSINT tools like Ahmia for deep web searches distinguishes Cylect.io. This feature is invaluable for researchers and analysts needing to delve deeper than surface-level internet data.

FAQs from Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool

Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool's Prompt Examples

Cybersecurity Analysis

Investigate the security profile of [domain.com] using Cylect.io's domain analysis tools.

Analyze IP address [] for potential security threats and related activities.

Conduct a deep dive into recent cybersecurity threats associated with [specific email address] using Cylect.io's email investigation tools.

Background Checks

Perform a comprehensive background check on [Person's Name] using Cylect.io's people search tools.

Investigate public records and social media presence for [Person's Name] to assess credibility.

Use Cylect.io to compile a detailed personal profile of [Person's Name], including past addresses, known associates, and online activities.

Digital Footprint Analysis

Analyze the digital footprint of [domain.com], including website history and associated IP addresses.

Use Cylect.io to explore the online presence and content associated with [specific email address].

Investigate the social media and online activity of [Person's Name or Online Handle] to understand their digital behavior.

Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool's Conversation Examples

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Meet the creator of Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool

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