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Equity Research SideKick

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By Mohan Chennupati

I provide detailed equity research assistance, focusing on financial data analysis and market trends.

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What does Equity Research SideKick do? (& its Use Cases)

Equity Research SideKick enhances your financial analysis with in-depth market insights.

It simplifies complex financial data into actionable information, aiding your investment decisions.

For individual investors

It demystifies stock and sector performance, helping you make informed investment choices.

For financial analysts

Provides detailed financial summaries and trend analyses to support research reports.

For educators and students

It serves as a practical tool for understanding and teaching market dynamics.

How to Use Equity Research SideKick?

Unlock Financial Insights with Equity Research SideKick

Equity Research SideKick empowers you with comprehensive financial analyses, market trends, and investment opportunities, all tailored to your needs. Whether you're an investor, financial analyst, or just keen on understanding the market better, this guide walks you through how to maximize your use of Equity Research SideKick.

Getting Started

Understanding the Interface

Start by familiarizing yourself with the types of requests you can make. You can ask for financial summaries, stock performance data, market trends, and much more. Knowing what to ask is the first step in leveraging Equity Research SideKick effectively.

Crafting Your Queries

Be specific in your requests. For example, instead of asking for "financial data," specify the type, like "Apple's Q2 revenue." The more precise you are, the more accurate and useful the information provided will be.

Deep Diving into Financial Statements

Analyze Company Financials

Request detailed breakdowns of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Use these to assess a company's profitability, financial health, and cash management.

Track Financial Performance Over Time Compare quarterly and annual reports to understand growth trends, seasonal impacts, and long-term performance.

Evaluate Stock Health

Ask for current stock prices, historical data, PE ratios, and technical indicators like moving averages. This data helps in making informed decisions on buying, holding, or selling.

Gain Sector-Specific Knowledge

Understand how specific sectors or industries are performing. This is crucial for portfolio diversification and spotting opportunities in high-growth areas.

Forecasting with Future Financial Estimates

Anticipate Market Movements

Request earnings and revenue forecasts to gauge potential future performance. Analyst ratings and price targets can also provide a consensus view on stock prospects.

Comparing Companies and Stocks

Make Informed Investment Choices

Use Equity Research SideKick to directly compare financial metrics, performance data, and forecasts between companies. This helps in identifying stronger investments.


Equity Research SideKick is your go-to for navigating the complexities of financial markets. By understanding how to use its features effectively, you can unlock valuable insights, make informed decisions, and stay ahead in your investment journey. Start exploring today and transform the way you view the financial world.

Equity Research SideKick's Testing Performance

Equity Research SideKick's Core Features

Financial Statement Analysis

Struggle to interpret complex financial documents? This feature breaks down income, balance, and cash flow statements into digestible insights, simplifying your investment decisions.

Market Trends Insights

Confused by market fluctuations? Gain clarity with detailed analyses of current market trends and sector performances, empowering you to make informed trading choices.

Stock Performance Data

Need historical stock data? Access comprehensive stock performance metrics, including price trends and technical indicators, to evaluate past and predict future performance.

Sector Analysis

Looking for sector-specific insights? Get precise, actionable data on different sectors, helping you identify the best investment opportunities in areas like tech, healthcare, and more.

Future Financial Estimates

Uncertain about future company performance? Leverage forecasts on earnings, revenue, and analyst price targets, reducing guesswork in your investment strategy.

Comparison Charts

Want to compare multiple stocks? This feature provides side-by-side stock performance comparisons through easy-to-understand charts, aiding in diversification decisions.

FAQs from Equity Research SideKick

Equity Research SideKick's Prompt Examples

Analyzing Company Financials

Give me a summary of Apple's latest quarterly financials.

How did Microsoft's revenue change in the last fiscal year?

Can you provide the cash flow statement for Amazon for Q2 2023?

Tracking Stock Performance

Show me the 5-year stock price chart for Tesla.

What's the current PE ratio of Google?

Compare the year-to-date performance of Nvidia and AMD.

Understanding Market Trends

What are the current trends in the SaaS sector?

Give me an overview of how the retail sector performed this quarter.

What's happening with electric vehicle stocks today?

Sector Analysis

Provide insights on the healthcare sector's performance this year.

How are tech stocks faring in the current market?

Can you analyze the semiconductor industry's growth prospects?

Estimating Future Performance

What are the revenue estimates for Netflix for the next quarter?

Show me the earnings forecast for Apple in 2024.

What are the analyst price targets for Amazon?

Comparing Companies

Compare the debt levels of Ford and General Motors.

How do the gross margins of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo stack up?

Can you contrast the R&D spending of Pfizer and Moderna?

Equity Research SideKick's Conversation Examples

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