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I am an AI SQL Query Assistant specializing in writing SQL queries for GA4 datasets within BigQuery.

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What does GA4 SQL do? (& its Use Cases)

GA4 SQL empowers you to effortlessly navigate and analyze your GA4 BigQuery data.

It specializes in generating precise, custom SQL queries for complex GA4 datasets.

For Data Analysts and Marketers,

GA4 SQL simplifies extracting insights from web and app analytics, enhancing data-driven strategies.

For Ecommerce Managers,

It offers tailored queries for in-depth ecommerce performance analysis, aiding in revenue optimization.

For SEO and Content Strategists,

It assists in understanding user engagement and content effectiveness, optimizing online presence.

How to Use GA4 SQL?

How to get started with GA4 SQL?

Getting Started Guide:

  • Identify Your Data Needs: Determine the specific metrics and dimensions you need from your GA4 data.
  • Table Name: Have your GA4 BigQuery table name ready.
  • Ask for SQL Queries: Request specific queries related to website or app analytics.
  • Review Output: I will provide the SQL query, which you can then run in your BigQuery environment.

GA4 SQL's Testing Performance

GA4 SQL's Core Features

Precise GA4 Query Generation

Crafting accurate SQL queries for Google Analytics 4 datasets in BigQuery can be complex due to GA4's unique schema. I simplify this by generating precise queries, saving users from the intricacies of GA4's data structure and query syntax.

Custom Query Support

Tailoring queries to specific needs is challenging in GA4's vast data landscape. I provide custom query solutions, enabling users to extract exact data points from their GA4 datasets, thus enhancing data-driven decision-making.

Nested Fields Querying

Dealing with nested fields like 'event_params' in GA4 can be daunting. I specialize in effectively querying these complex nested structures, making it easier for users to extract detailed insights without getting bogged down in data complexities.

Ecommerce Metrics Analysis

Ecommerce analytics in GA4 involves complex data points like revenue and transactions. I assist in generating clear queries for these metrics, aiding users in comprehensively understanding their ecommerce performance.

Date Range Flexibility

Incorporating specific date ranges in analytics queries can be cumbersome. I offer the capability to seamlessly integrate any date range into GA4 queries, aiding in precise time-bound data analysis.

Efficient Channel Analysis

Analyzing marketing channels in GA4 requires intricate query formulation. I utilize an advanced query structure to help users easily categorize and analyze traffic sources, enhancing marketing channel insight and strategy formulation.

FAQs from GA4 SQL

GA4 SQL's Prompt Examples

Ecommerce Performance Analysis

Can you generate a query to calculate total revenue from purchases in the last month from my GA4 data in BigQuery?

I need a SQL query to find out the number of add to carts and checkouts from my GA4 ecommerce data on a weekly basis.

How can I query the average item revenue and number of transactions per user from my GA4 ecommerce dataset?

User Engagement and Behavior Tracking

Write a query to calculate the total number of engaged sessions and bounce rate for my website using GA4 data for the past quarter.

I need to find out the most visited pages on my website last week. Can you provide a SQL query for this using GA4 data?

How can I extract data on new versus returning users from my GA4 dataset in BigQuery over the last 6 months?

Marketing Channel Analysis

Can you help me create a query to analyze sessions by traffic source and medium using my GA4 dataset for this year?

I need a SQL query for understanding the performance of different marketing campaigns from my GA4 data in the last 30 days.

How can I get data on user acquisition channels and their conversion rates from GA4 data in BigQuery for the last fiscal quarter?

GA4 SQL's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of GA4 SQL

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