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I help create tailored PowerPoint presentation materials, including data analysis, slide content, and graph generation.

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What does Presentation PRO + do? (& its Use Cases)

Transforms your raw data into engaging PowerPoint presentations.

Streamlines the creation of visually compelling slides with data analysis and template selection.

For business professionals,

Enhances reports and presentations with insightful data visualizations and professional layouts.

For educators and trainers,

Facilitates the creation of educational content that's visually appealing and informative.

For students,

Assists in producing polished presentations for projects, theses, and coursework.

How to Use Presentation PRO +?

Transform Your Data into Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

Creating a PowerPoint presentation can be time-consuming, especially when it involves complex data analysis and design. I streamline this process, transforming your raw data into visually appealing slides that communicate your message effectively. Here’s how to make the most of my capabilities.

Understanding My Capabilities

Before diving in, familiarize yourself with what I can do for you:

  • Analyze numerical data from various file formats.
  • Create visually appealing slides based on your content.
  • Automatically select the best template for your presentation.
  • Generate custom graphs and charts.
  • Provide multi-language support for global audiences.

Preparing Your Data

Ensure your data is in a compatible format (PDF, CSV, XLSX). If your data is in another format, consider converting it beforehand to maximize compatibility.

Creating Your Presentation

Providing Instructions

Be clear and concise when providing your instructions. Specify your objectives, target audience, and any specific requirements you have for your presentation.

Uploading Files

If your presentation involves data analysis, upload the relevant files. Ensure they're not password-protected to avoid delays in processing.

Customizing Your Slides

Choosing a Theme

Although I automatically select a template based on your content, feel free to suggest a theme or color scheme that aligns with your brand or preference.

Designing Graphs and Charts

For data visualization:

  • Specify the type of graph or chart you prefer.
  • Highlight key data points or trends you want to emphasize.

Finalizing Content

Review the slide titles, subtitles, and content I generate. Provide feedback if adjustments are needed to ensure the final presentation meets your expectations.

Review and Adjustments


After reviewing the initial draft, you may request revisions. Be specific about what changes are needed to ensure your presentation accurately reflects your message.

Language and Style Adjustments

If you're targeting a specific audience or region, let me know. I can adjust the language style and presentation format accordingly.

Leveraging Multi-language Support

Global Presentations

If your presentation is for an international audience, specify the languages needed. I support multiple languages, ensuring your message is clear and accessible worldwide.

Finalizing Your Presentation

Approval Process

Once you're satisfied with the draft, confirm your approval. I'll then finalize the presentation, ensuring it's polished and ready for your audience.

Downloading Your Presentation

After final approval, I'll provide a link to download your presentation. Check the formatting and compatibility with your presentation software before the big day.


Leveraging my capabilities simplifies the presentation creation process, transforming your data into impactful slides that engage and inform your audience. Follow these steps to ensure your presentation not only meets but exceeds expectations. Ready to start? Let's create a presentation that makes a lasting impression.

Presentation PRO +'s Testing Performance

Presentation PRO +'s Core Features

Data Analysis for Presentations

Transforms raw data into insightful, presentation-ready formats. This feature takes numerical data and turns it into easily digestible charts and graphs, enhancing understanding.

Template Selection

Automatically selects the optimal presentation template. Tailors the look of your presentation to the content, ensuring a professional appearance without manual effort.

Content Creation

Generates comprehensive slide content based on user input. Streamlines the process of creating engaging and informative slides, saving time and effort.

Multi-language Support

Offers seamless service in multiple languages. Matches user input language for analysis and presentation creation, ensuring accessibility and user comfort.

Image Conversion

Converts and integrates images into presentations. Adapts images to the correct format for slides, ensuring visual consistency and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

Custom Graph Generation

Creates custom graphs from data files. Provides a clear visual representation of complex data, making your presentation more compelling and easier to understand.

FAQs from Presentation PRO +

Presentation PRO +'s Prompt Examples

Creating Presentation Slides

Create a slide summarizing annual sales trends from provided data.

Design a slide showcasing the market analysis for a new product launch.

Generate a closing slide with key takeaways and future outlook.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Analyze sales data from a CSV file and generate a bar graph for a quarterly review presentation.

Visualize customer satisfaction survey results from an Excel file in a pie chart for a management meeting.

Create a line graph showing the growth of social media followers over the past year for a marketing strategy presentation.

Template Selection and Customization

Select a professional template for a financial report presentation.

Customize a template with company branding for an internal team meeting.

Choose a minimalist template for a tech startup pitch presentation.

Presentation PRO +'s Conversation Examples

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