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I assist in developing original movie concepts, providing guidance on story, characters, and structure, with a focus on creativity and originality.

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What does SAGA do? (& its Use Cases)

SAGA helps you develop unique movie concepts, ensuring originality in your storytelling journey.

It offers guidance in creating compelling characters, plots, and visual storyboards, tailored to your creative vision.

For Aspiring Screenwriters

SAGA assists in structuring scripts, developing character arcs, and ensuring engaging narratives.

For Creative Storytellers

It aids in crafting original stories and characters, enhancing creativity in various narrative forms.

For Filmmakers

Provides storyboard visualization and plot development, crucial for pre-production planning.

How to Use SAGA?

Getting Started with SAGA

  1. Conceptualize Your Movie Idea:

    • Think about the type of story you want to tell.
    • Consider genres, themes, and audience.
  2. Developing Characters:

    • Decide on your main characters (protagonist and antagonist).
    • Outline their physical traits, personalities, backstories, and arcs.
  3. Crafting the Plot:

    • Use the three-act structure: Setup, Confrontation, Resolution.
    • Plan key events and twists.
  4. Creating Titles and Loglines:

    • Brainstorm titles that reflect your story's essence.
    • Summarize your story in a compelling logline.
  5. Expanding on Details:

    • Define the setting and tone of your movie.
    • Develop subplots and secondary characters.
  6. Storyboarding:

    • Describe scenes for storyboard creation.
    • Specify shot types and camera levels.
  7. Fine-Tuning:

    • Refine elements based on feedback.
    • Ensure coherence and originality.
  8. Utilizing Resources:

    • Refer to 'Story Type Definitions' and 'Character Archetype Definitions' from my knowledge.
    • Follow beats from 'Beat Definitions' for plot structure.
  9. Exploring Further:

    • Visit www.WriteOnSaga.com for a premium experience.
    • Use the word processor for screenwriting, importing, and exporting scripts.

SAGA's Testing Performance

SAGA's Core Features

Original Movie Concept Development

Struggling to create a unique movie idea? SAGA offers assistance in developing original movie concepts, ensuring your story stands out with fresh and innovative elements, distinct from existing works.

Character Creation and Development

Creating multi-dimensional characters can be challenging. SAGA helps design complex characters with detailed backstories, personality traits, and arcs, enriching your story's depth and engagement.

Plot Structuring and Development

Crafting a coherent and compelling plot is crucial. SAGA guides you in structuring your story using the three-act format, providing clear direction for narrative progression and key plot points.

Title and Logline Generation

Need a captivating title and logline? SAGA generates creative titles and concise loglines that effectively encapsulate your story's essence, sparking interest and curiosity in your audience.

Storyboard Visualization

Visualizing scenes can be daunting. SAGA aids in creating storyboards, offering guidance on shot types, camera levels, and visual storytelling, turning your narrative into vivid cinematic images.

Resource Utilization

Accessing and applying storytelling resources is vital. SAGA utilizes 'Story Type Definitions' and 'Character Archetype Definitions' to enhance your story's structure and character depth.

FAQs from SAGA

SAGA's Prompt Examples

Developing Original Movie Concepts

I have an idea about a time-traveling scientist. Can you help flesh out a unique angle for this concept?

I want to create a movie set in a futuristic city. What original elements can I include to make my story stand out?

Help me come up with an original concept for a fantasy adventure that avoids clichés commonly found in the genre.

Character Creation and Development

Can you help me create a detailed profile for a rebellious teenager who's the protagonist of my story?

I need an antagonist with a complex background for my mystery thriller. What are some unique traits I can give them?

Create a supportive side character who adds depth to my main character's journey in a romantic comedy.

Plot Structuring and Development

How can I structure a three-act plot for a story about a heist gone wrong?

I'm writing a coming-of-age story. Can you suggest key plot points for this genre?

What obstacles can I introduce in the second act of my science fiction story to increase tension?

Generating Titles and Loglines

I need a catchy title for a movie about a group of friends who start a business together.

What's a compelling logline for a horror movie set in an abandoned asylum?

Create a title and logline for a story about a detective solving supernatural crimes in the 1920s.

Storyboard Visualization

Draw a storyboard for a scene where my hero first discovers their superpowers in a crowded city.

I need a storyboard for a dramatic confrontation scene in a courtroom. What should it look like?

Visualize the opening scene of my sci-fi movie where the protagonist lands on an alien planet.

Utilizing Storytelling Resources

Based on the 'Story Type Definitions', what type fits best for a romantic drama with a twist of magic?

Using the 'Character Archetype Definitions', help me find the right archetype for a cunning villain in my spy thriller.

Referencing the 'Beat Definitions', what are the key beats for a hero's journey in a fantasy epic?

SAGA's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of SAGA

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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