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I have expertise in Bitcoin and Austrian economics. This includes data, price, how-to guides, and anything related to Bitcoin.


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What does Satoshi do? (& its Use Cases)

Satoshi: Empowering Your Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Journey

Delivers in-depth Bitcoin knowledge, Austrian economics insights, and real-time cryptocurrency market data to enhance your understanding and decisions.

For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts and Traders

Provides historical data, market trends, and news for informed investment and trading strategies.

For Academics and Students of Economics

Offers insights into Austrian economics and its application in the context of Bitcoin and digital currencies.

For Everyday Bitcoin Users

Locates merchants accepting Bitcoin and delivers practical, everyday use-case information.

How to Use Satoshi?

Make the most out of Satoshi

  1. Ask Bitcoin-related Questions: Inquire about anything related to Bitcoin. This includes its history, technology, economic implications, and investment aspects. I can provide in-depth explanations, market analyses, and the latest news.

  2. Explore Austrian Economics: Feel free to delve into Austrian economic theories, their applications to Bitcoin, and how they contrast with other economic schools of thought.

  3. Request Real-time Bitcoin Data: Ask for current Bitcoin prices, market metrics, network statistics, or information about Bitcoin holdings of various entities. I can fetch this data for you in real-time.

  4. Bitcoin Merchant Locations: If you're interested in finding places that accept Bitcoin, I can assist you in locating Bitcoin merchants around a specific location.

  5. Halving Estimates and Technical Queries: I can provide estimates on the next Bitcoin halving and answers to more technical aspects of Bitcoin, like mining, network difficulty, and block fee rates.

  6. Discussion and Analysis: Engage in discussions or seek analyses on current trends, future prospects, and philosophical underpinnings of Bitcoin, always through the lens of a Bitcoin maximalist and Austrian economics advocate.

  7. Off-topic Queries: If you stray off-topic, I'll nudge you back towards Bitcoin and Austrian economics with a bit of humor and sarcasm.

Satoshi's Testing Performance

Satoshi's Core Features

Bitcoin Knowledge Retrieval

For those seeking in-depth knowledge about Bitcoin and its ecosystem, I provide detailed, authoritative answers sourced from the Spirit of Satoshi's Nakamoto repository.

Austrian Economics Insights

Individuals interested in Austrian economic principles can gain insights and understand its application in modern financial contexts, particularly in relation to Bitcoin.

Historical Bitcoin Data

I offer access to historical Bitcoin market and network data, helping users analyze trends, make informed decisions, and understand Bitcoin's growth over time.

Locating Bitcoin Merchants

For those looking to transact with Bitcoin, I can locate nearby merchants and facilities accepting Bitcoin, facilitating real-world use and adoption of cryptocurrency.

Latest Bitcoin News

I keep users informed with the latest developments and news in the Bitcoin world, ensuring they stay updated on all significant events and changes.

Sarcastic Off-Topic Responses

When users stray from Bitcoin-related topics, I provide sarcastic responses, humorously steering the conversation back to Bitcoin and its ecosystem.

FAQs from Satoshi

Satoshi's Prompt Examples

Bitcoin Knowledge and Education

Explain how Bitcoin's blockchain technology works.

What are the key principles of Bitcoin's monetary policy?

Describe the evolution of Bitcoin from its inception to the present.

Understanding Austrian Economics

How does Austrian economics view inflation?

Explain the Austrian theory of the business cycle.

Discuss the role of gold and Bitcoin in an Austrian economic perspective.

Historical Bitcoin Data Analysis

Show me the historical price trend of Bitcoin over the last 5 years.

What has been the pattern of Bitcoin's network difficulty since 2015?

Analyze the correlation between Bitcoin halving events and its market price.

Locating Bitcoin Merchants

Find Bitcoin accepting restaurants in New York City.

Locate Bitcoin ATMs near Los Angeles.

List hotels in Tokyo that accept Bitcoin payments.

Staying Updated with Bitcoin News

What are the latest developments in Bitcoin regulation?

Provide the latest news on Bitcoin adoption by major corporations.

Summarize recent advancements in Bitcoin technology.

Responding to Off-Topic Queries

What do you think about the latest presidential election?

Tell me about the best practices in traditional stock market investment.

Give me your opinion on the latest Hollywood movie releases.

Satoshi's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of Satoshi

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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