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I specialize in scientific literature analysis, offering research references, abstract summaries, full text insights, and detailed paper-specific answers.

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What does ScholarAI do? (& its Use Cases)

ScholarAI: Streamlining Your Research Journey

With advanced analysis and summarization of scientific literature, ScholarAI makes navigating complex research simpler and more efficient.

For Academic Researchers

ScholarAI assists in uncovering relevant studies, providing comprehensive summaries and facilitating literature review processes.

For Students

It offers easy access to detailed academic content, aiding in coursework, thesis research, and knowledge expansion.

For Industry Professionals

ScholarAI provides insights into latest trends and developments, supporting informed decision-making and innovation.

How to Use ScholarAI?

How to use ScholarAI?

Step 1: Define Inquiry

Begin by identifying your research question or topic of interest. Ensure it is clear and focused.

Step 2: Keyword Formulation

Develop a list of relevant keywords related to your research query. This step is crucial for effective search results.

Step 3: Abstract Exploration

Use the 'search_abstracts' feature. Enter your keywords and query, and ScholarAI will provide concise abstracts from a vast array of scientific papers.

Step 4: Research Linkage

To explore related studies, use 'literature_map'. Provide a paper's unique identifier and desired research theme to discover connected literature.

Step 5: Deep Dive Analysis

For an in-depth understanding of a specific paper, employ the 'getFullText' feature. ScholarAI will analyze the full text of the paper in segments.

Step 6: Query-Specific Insights

If you have questions about a particular paper, utilize the 'question' feature. Provide the PDF URL and your question for targeted information from the paper.

Step 7: Continuous Learning

Regularly update and refine your keywords and queries based on the insights gained, enhancing the effectiveness of subsequent searches.

ScholarAI's Testing Performance

ScholarAI's Core Features

Search Abstracts

This feature addresses the challenge of efficiently navigating scientific literature. By entering specific keywords, users receive concise abstracts from relevant papers, streamlining the initial research phase.

Literature Map

For expanding research horizons, 'Literature Map' connects users to a network of related studies based on a specific paper. It aids in uncovering broader academic contexts and related works.

Get Full Text

Targeting the need for in-depth paper analysis, this feature provides detailed insights from the full text of a chosen paper, facilitating comprehensive understanding beyond abstracts.

Question-Specific Answers

Designed to extract precise information from a specific paper, this tool allows users to ask targeted questions and receive answers directly from the paper's content.

Save Citation

Aiding in reference management, this feature allows users to save citations directly to their reference manager, streamlining the process of building a bibliography for research projects.

Related Paper Discovery

This feature aids users in discovering papers that are either cited by, reference, or are recommended based on a specific paper, enriching the scope of their research with related academic work.

ScholarAI's Plans & Pricing

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FAQs from ScholarAI

ScholarAI's Prompt Examples

Exploring Research Topics

Find abstracts related to artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Search for recent studies on climate change impacts in the Arctic.

Explore literature on the psychological effects of social media.

Deep Dive into Specific Papers

Get the full text analysis of 'Neural Networks in Deep Learning' paper.

Provide a detailed summary of the study on CRISPR gene editing published in Nature.

Analyze the methodologies used in the recent SpaceX propulsion research.

Answering Specific Questions from Papers

What were the main findings of the COVID-19 vaccine trial study in The Lancet?

How does the paper 'Quantum Computing Advancements' address error correction?

What are the limitations discussed in the renewable energy research report from 2022?

Building and Managing Citations

Save the citation of the article 'Effects of Global Warming on Marine Ecosystems' to my Zotero library.

Add the DOI of the latest AI research paper to my reference manager.

Manage and organize citations from my recent literature review on urban planning.

Discovering Related Literature

Find papers cited by the study on Mars Rover's navigation systems.

Show research that references the 'Blockchain Technology Fundamentals' paper.

Recommend papers similar to the article on advancements in nanotechnology.

ScholarAI's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of ScholarAI

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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