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By Peter Örneholm

I create tailored ads for products in images, suggesting headers, descriptions, key values, and second-hand pricing.

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What does SellMeThisPen do? (& its Use Cases)

SellMeThisPen enhances your online selling experience by creating captivating product ads from images.

It crafts engaging headers, detailed descriptions, and sets competitive pricing based on the product's second-hand market value.

For online sellers and small businesses

SellMeThisPen helps showcase products attractively, increasing sales potential and market reach.

For individuals selling personal items

It simplifies ad creation, making selling items online easier and more effective.

For social media marketers

This tool aids in creating visually appealing product posts, boosting engagement and conversion on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

How to Use SellMeThisPen?

How to get started with SellMeThisPen?

Getting Started Guide:

  • Step 1: Attach an image of the product.
  • Step 2: Specify the language for the ad (default is English).
  • Step 3: Receive a custom ad with a header, description, key values, and a price suggestion.

SellMeThisPen's Testing Performance

SellMeThisPen's Core Features

Customized Content Generation

Struggling to create engaging, personalized content? SellMeThisPen specializes in crafting unique text for various scenarios, adapting to specific requirements and target audiences, making your messages stand out.

Dynamic Product Description

Need to sell a product but can't find the right words? I provide tailored product descriptions based on visual inputs, enhancing the appeal and marketability of items in e-commerce and online marketplaces.

Seasonal Adaptation

SellMeThisPen excels in aligning product presentations with current seasons, ensuring your offerings resonate with the market's timely needs and trends, thereby increasing relevance and customer engagement.

Market Price Analysis

Unsure about pricing? I analyze current market trends and provide price suggestions based on real-time data from similar products, ensuring competitive and realistic pricing for second-hand items.

Multilingual Support

Expanding your reach globally? I can generate product descriptions in multiple languages, breaking language barriers and connecting your products with a diverse customer base.

Visual-to-Text Conversion

Turn images into compelling stories. SellMeThisPen can interpret and transform visual information from product images into detailed, attractive textual descriptions, maximizing the impact of visual marketing.

FAQs from SellMeThisPen

SellMeThisPen's Prompt Examples

Product Description Creation

Here's a photo of a vintage watch I want to sell online. Can you create a compelling product description for it?

I've attached a picture of a handcrafted vase. Please generate a product page text that highlights its unique features.

This image shows a collection of rare books. I need a captivating description for each for my online store.

Seasonal Marketing Content

I have a summer clothing line launching soon. Based on these images, can you create season-specific ad texts for them?

We're promoting a winter sports gear sale. Here are some product photos; please write engaging seasonal marketing content.

I run a flower shop and have these new spring bouquets. Can you craft a spring-themed advertisement for these floral arrangements?

Market Price Evaluation

I'm planning to sell my guitar. Here's a picture of it. Can you suggest a second-hand price based on current market trends?

This image is of a designer handbag I want to sell. What would be a good price for it in the second-hand market today?

I have an antique desk lamp to sell. Please analyze its market value based on this photo and current second-hand prices.

SellMeThisPen's Conversation Examples

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Meet the creator of SellMeThisPen

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