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SEO GPT by Writesonic

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I streamline SEO analysis and optimization using actions like SEO data generation, SEO score checking, and technical SEO analysis.

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What does SEO GPT by Writesonic do? (& its Use Cases)

SEO GPT by Writesonic streamlines your SEO efforts with advanced analysis and optimization tools.

It offers actionable insights for enhancing web content, simplifying the SEO process to boost your search engine rankings.

For Digital Marketers

Provides deep SEO insights and keyword strategies to maximize online visibility and campaign effectiveness.

For Content Creators

Assists in crafting SEO-optimized content that resonates with audiences and ranks higher on search engines.

For SEO Specialists

Delivers comprehensive technical and content-based SEO analysis for refined search optimization strategies.

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SEO GPT by Writesonic's Core Features

SEO Data Generation

Struggling to structure content for SEO? I generate optimal content structures and relevant keywords based on your target keyword and region, streamlining content creation for better search rankings.

Article SEO Score Assessment

Unsure about your content's SEO effectiveness? I evaluate your article's SEO score considering factors like keyword usage, headings, and images, providing actionable insights for improvement.

SEO Score from URL Analysis

Need a quick SEO evaluation of existing content? I analyze articles directly from URLs, giving you a comprehensive SEO score and insights to enhance your web page's search engine performance.

Competitor and Long-tail Keyword Research

Competing in SEO? I uncover competitor and long-tail keywords, offering you a competitive edge with keywords that drive traffic and are less saturated in your niche.

Technical SEO Analysis

Concerned about website's technical SEO health? I perform detailed technical SEO analyses, identifying issues like broken links, missing alt tags, or duplicate content to improve site performance.

Intuitive Country Code Conversion

Confused by country code formats? I automatically transform country names into standard SEO-relevant codes, simplifying your global SEO strategy and keyword research process.

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SEO GPT by Writesonic's Prompt Examples

Optimizing Web Content for SEO

Generate SEO Data for the keyword 'organic gardening tips'

Give me the SEO score for this article - 'https://www.example.com/organic-gardening.html'

Find long-tail keywords for 'sustainable living practices'

Improving Article Rankings

Check SEO Score from URL for 'https://www.exampleblog.com/tech-innovations-2023'

Generate SEO Keywords for 'latest smartphone reviews', country code US

Generate SEO Data for 'home automation trends'

Conducting Technical SEO Audits

What is the technical SEO analysis for URL 'https://www.techsite.com'

Perform Technical SEO Analysis for 'https://www.healthblog.com/new-wellness-trends'

Check the technical SEO health of 'https://www.eco-friendly-products.com'

SEO GPT by Writesonic's Conversation Examples

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