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By Christopher Byrne

I transcribe podcasts, summarize audio, and search Apple Podcasts, enhancing searches with smart episodes and podcast name use.

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What does Shownotes do? (& its Use Cases)

Shownotes transforms your audio content into accessible text, enhancing your content engagement.

Efficiently transcribe and summarize podcasts or audio files, making them easier to consume and reference.

For podcast enthusiasts and researchers,

Access detailed transcripts and summaries of favorite episodes, aiding in research and enjoyment.

For content creators and journalists,

Quickly turn interviews or audio content into written format for articles, reports, or study.

For educators and students,

Easily convert lectures and educational podcasts into text for study materials and notes.

How to Use Shownotes?

How to get started with Shownotes?

Getting Started with Shownotes: A Concise Guide

  • Transcribe Podcasts: Provide the MP3 link or podcast episode for transcription.
  • Summarize Audio: Request a summary of any provided audio content.
  • Search Apple Podcasts: Give the episode or podcast name for a targeted search.
  • Note on Process: Transcriptions take time; you'll be notified when they're ready.

Shownotes's Testing Performance

Shownotes's Core Features

Smart Podcast Search

Struggle to find specific podcast episodes? Shownotes smartly switches between episode and podcast names for efficient searches, maximizing your chances of finding the right content.

Audio Transcription

Need to convert audio to text? Provide any podcast or MP3 link, and Shownotes delivers accurate transcriptions, ideal for reviewing content without listening to the entire audio.

Audio Summarization

Overwhelmed by lengthy audio files? Shownotes offers concise summaries, enabling quick understanding of key points without spending hours listening.

Apple Podcasts Integration

Searching Apple Podcasts can be time-consuming. Shownotes streamlines this by directly searching within Apple Podcasts, making it easier to find specific episodes or series.

YouTube Transcript Extraction

Need text from a YouTube podcast? Shownotes extracts accurate transcripts from YouTube videos, providing an easy way to access spoken content in written form.

User Notification System

Waiting for transcriptions can be a hassle. Shownotes keeps you informed with notifications when your requested transcriptions or summaries are ready, ensuring you don't miss out.

FAQs from Shownotes

Shownotes's Prompt Examples

Transcribing Podcast Episodes

Can you transcribe this podcast episode for me? Here's the MP3 link: [Insert MP3 Link].

I need a transcription of the latest episode from 'The Daily' podcast, titled 'Understanding the Economic Crisis.'

Could you provide a written transcript for the 'Science Vs' podcast episode about climate change?

Summarizing Audio Content

I have this hour-long lecture on renewable energy. Can you summarize the key points for me?

Please provide a summary of this podcast episode about mental health: [Insert MP3 Link or Episode Name].

I'd like a summary of the main topics discussed in the latest 'TED Radio Hour' episode.

Searching for Podcasts on Apple Podcasts

Can you find the podcast series 'Hidden Brain' on Apple Podcasts and list the most recent episodes?

Search for any episodes related to artificial intelligence in the 'Reply All' podcast on Apple Podcasts.

I'm looking for episodes about space exploration in the 'StarTalk' podcast. Can you find these on Apple Podcasts?

Shownotes's Conversation Examples

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