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I create PowerPoint presentations based on prompts, using current data, and generate them into downloadable files.

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What does Slide Maker do? (& its Use Cases)

Slide Maker simplifies your presentation creation process, turning your ideas into professional slides.

Using current data and concise formatting, it crafts presentations that effectively communicate your message.

For Educators and Students

Creates informative and visually appealing educational content, saving time on research and design.

For Business Professionals

Generates clear, data-driven business presentations for reports, pitches, and meetings.

For Researchers and Academics

Summarizes complex research findings into accessible slides for conferences and educational purposes.

How to Use Slide Maker?

Guide to using Slide Maker

  1. Provide a Topic or Prompt: Begin by giving me a specific topic or prompt for your presentation. Be as clear as possible about what you want the presentation to cover.

  2. Specify Additional Details (Optional): If you have any specific requirements or points you want included, let me know. This could be things like a particular focus, a specific question you want addressed, or any constraints (like length).

  3. Internet Research (If Needed): If your topic requires the latest information or data, I can perform internet research. Just indicate that you need the most recent data or facts.

  4. Creating the Presentation: Based on your input, I'll generate the content for each slide. This will be limited to 3 brief points per slide for clarity and conciseness.

  5. Review and Edit (Optional): Once I present the initial slide content, you can review it. If you need any modifications or additional slides, just let me know.

  6. Finalizing the Presentation: After your confirmation, I'll use an API to create the actual presentation file, which will be made available for you to download and use.

Remember, clear and detailed initial instructions will result in a more targeted and effective presentation.

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Slide Maker's Core Features

Automated Presentation Creation

Struggling to design presentations? Slide Maker automates this process. Provide a topic, and it generates a complete presentation, transforming raw ideas into structured, visually appealing slides.

Real-time Information Integration

Need current data in your presentation? Slide Maker searches the internet for the latest information, ensuring your presentation is up-to-date and relevant, saving you extensive research time.

Concise Content Formatting

Overwhelmed by too much content? Slide Maker limits each slide to three key points, promoting clarity and focus in your presentations, and making complex information easily digestible.

Customizable Content Focus

Require specific information in your slides? Slide Maker allows customization by incorporating user-specified topics or data points, tailoring the presentation to your exact needs.

Downloadable Presentation Files

Need your presentation in a shareable format? Slide Maker generates downloadable files, facilitating easy sharing and further customization in your preferred presentation software.

Feedback Responsive Adjustments

Not satisfied with the first draft? Slide Maker adapts to feedback, allowing iterative improvements to fine-tune your presentation, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Slide Maker's Plans & Pricing

Doc maker plans & pricing

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FAQs from Slide Maker

Slide Maker's Prompt Examples

Educational Presentations

Create a presentation on the impact of climate change on global agriculture.

Generate slides explaining the evolution of artificial intelligence and its future prospects.

Develop a presentation on the history and cultural significance of the Silk Road.

Business and Marketing Reports

Create a presentation outlining the market analysis for electric vehicles in 2024.

Generate a slide deck on the latest digital marketing trends and strategies.

Develop a presentation comparing the financial performance of major tech companies in the last quarter.

Research Summaries and Findings

Create a presentation summarizing the latest research on renewable energy sources.

Generate a slide deck detailing the findings of recent studies on mental health and technology use.

Develop a presentation outlining the advancements in genetic editing techniques.

Event Planning and Proposals

Create a presentation for a proposed music festival, including venue, artists, and budget.

Generate a slide deck for a company retreat, outlining activities, locations, and schedules.

Develop a presentation showcasing different wedding themes and decorations for clients.

Training and Instructional Guides

Create a presentation on effective communication skills in the workplace.

Generate a slide deck for a software tutorial, focusing on beginner-level users.

Develop a presentation on first aid basics for a community health workshop.

Personal Projects and Hobbies

Create a presentation on the history and techniques of landscape photography.

Generate a slide deck about urban gardening and sustainable practices.

Develop a presentation on the best travel destinations for hiking enthusiasts.

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