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Talent Match Pro

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I evaluate CVs against job descriptions, providing a detailed suitability score.

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What does Talent Match Pro do? (& its Use Cases)

Evaluates CVs against job descriptions, enhancing your hiring process.

Provides a detailed suitability score, focusing on relevance and keyword optimization.

For Hiring Managers

Streamlines candidate selection by aligning CVs with job requirements.

For Job Seekers

Improves CV presentation and content, boosting job application success.

For HR Consultants

Offers an efficient tool for assessing candidate fit for various roles.

How to Use Talent Match Pro?

Talent Match Pro: Your advanced tool for CV evaluation and job alignment

Whether you're a hiring manager, job seeker, or HR consultant, understanding how to effectively use this tool can significantly enhance your recruitment or job application process. This guide provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to leverage Talent Match Pro for optimal results.

Getting Started

Before diving in, ensure you have the CV or resume you wish to evaluate and, if applicable, the job description you are aligning the CV with. Talent Match Pro operates best when provided with detailed, specific information to analyze.

1. Submitting Your Documents

For Job Seekers and HR Consultants:

  • Begin by submitting the CV or resume you wish to evaluate. If you're targeting a specific job, including the job description will enable a more tailored analysis.
  • If you're seeking a general evaluation, submit the CV without a job description. Talent Match Pro will assess the document based on general industry standards.

For Hiring Managers:

  • Provide the job description alongside the resumes you wish to evaluate. This allows Talent Match Pro to precisely match candidates' resumes against your specific requirements.

2. Understanding the Evaluation Criteria

Talent Match Pro assesses CVs based on five key dimensions:

  • Relevance: How well the CV aligns with the job's required skills and experiences.
  • Keyword Optimization: The presence of industry-specific keywords and phrases.
  • Formatting and Presentation: The overall layout, readability, and professional appearance of the CV.
  • Achievements and Qualifications: The clarity and impact of the candidate's stated achievements and qualifications.
  • Brevity and Clarity: The succinctness and clear communication of relevant information.

3. Receiving Your Suitability Score

Once your document is submitted, Talent Match Pro calculates a suitability score out of 100. This score reflects the CV's overall quality and relevance to the job description provided. Along with the total score, you'll receive detailed feedback on each evaluation criterion, offering insights into areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

4. Interpreting the Scores

  • 80-100: Indicates a high level of suitability, suggesting the CV is well-aligned with the job requirements.
  • 60-79: Reflects a good fit, though there may be areas to enhance for better alignment.
  • Below 60: Suggests significant room for improvement in making the CV more relevant or professionally presented.

5. Making Improvements

Based on the feedback, you can refine the CV or resume. Focus on the areas identified for improvement. For example:

  • Increase relevance: Tailor your CV to more closely match the job description by emphasizing relevant skills and experiences.
  • Enhance keyword optimization: Incorporate industry-specific keywords and phrases to improve visibility in ATS scans.
  • Improve formatting and presentation: Ensure your CV is cleanly formatted, easy to read, and professionally presented.
  • Highlight achievements and qualifications: Make your accomplishments stand out more clearly, quantifying results where possible.
  • Focus on brevity and clarity: Eliminate unnecessary details, focusing on concise, impactful descriptions of your experiences and skills.

6. Resubmitting for Re-Evaluation

After making adjustments, you may resubmit the CV or resume for another evaluation. This can help track your progress and ensure your document is as effective and relevant as possible.

For Hiring Managers:

Utilize the suitability scores and detailed feedback to streamline your candidate selection process. Talent Match Pro's analysis can help you quickly identify the most promising candidates, saving time and improving hiring outcomes.


Talent Match Pro is a powerful tool designed to optimize the recruitment process and enhance the quality of job applications. By following these steps and utilizing the feedback provided, users can significantly improve their chances of success, whether in finding the ideal candidate or landing the desired job. Remember, the goal is continuous improvement—leveraging insights from Talent Match Pro to make informed adjustments can make all the difference.

Talent Match Pro's Testing Performance

Talent Match Pro's Core Features

Relevance Assessment

Identifies the match between CV content and job requirements. Ensures candidates align with the job's skills and experience needs, enhancing fit accuracy.

Keyword Optimization Analysis

Detects industry-specific keywords and phrases in CVs. Improves CV's visibility in ATS scans, boosting chances of selection.

Formatting and Presentation Evaluation

Reviews CV layout and organization. Promotes professional appearance and readability, crucial for first impressions.

Achievements and Qualifications Highlight

Emphasizes the impact of achievements and qualifications. Demonstrates candidate value and expertise to employers.

Brevity and Clarity Check

Ensures information is concise and clear. Avoids verbosity, focusing on delivering relevant content effectively.

Total Suitability Scoring

Combines all assessments into a comprehensive score. Offers an overall evaluation of CV quality and job alignment, guiding improvement.

FAQs from Talent Match Pro

Talent Match Pro's Prompt Examples

CV Evaluation for Specific Job Application

Evaluate this resume for its suitability for a Software Engineer position at Tech Innovations Inc.

Assess this CV against the job description for a Marketing Manager role at Creative Solutions.

Score this resume for alignment with the requirements for a Project Manager position at Construction Co.

General CV Quality Check

Provide a general quality score for this resume without a specific job description.

Assess the overall presentation and formatting of this CV.

Evaluate this resume for its achievements and qualifications without a job description.

Improvement Suggestions

Suggest improvements for this CV based on your evaluation for a Data Analyst role.

Provide feedback on keyword optimization for this resume intended for a sales position.

Offer suggestions to enhance the brevity and clarity of this CV for a teaching position.

Talent Match Pro's Conversation Examples

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