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The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT

4.5 out of 5
By Justin Welsh

I generate content ideas for businesses based on their brand, goals, and key topics using a specialized content matrix.

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What does The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT do? (& its Use Cases)

Enhance Your Brand's Content Strategy with Customized Ideas

By analyzing your brand and audience goals, the tool generates targeted content ideas, ensuring relevance and engagement.

For Content Marketers

Streamline content creation with diverse, audience-aligned ideas that drive engagement and brand loyalty.

For Small Business Owners

Access easy-to-implement content strategies to boost online presence and connect with your target audience effectively.

For Digital Marketing Agencies

Provide clients with innovative content solutions, enhancing their marketing campaigns and audience outreach.

How to Use The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT?

Quick Start Guide to Using the Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT

Step 1: Define Your Brand

  • Brand Description: Briefly describe your business or brand. Focus on your unique aspects.
  • Intended Outcome: Clearly state what you want your audience or customers to achieve or learn.

Step 2: Identify Key Topics

  • List Topics: Identify 5-7 core topics that your brand focuses on. These should be areas where you want to create content.

Step 3: Engage with the Content Matrix

  • Understand the Matrix: Familiarize yourself with the Content Matrix axes:
    • X-Axis: Different content types (Actionable, Motivational, Analytical, etc.).
    • Y-Axis: Your identified topics.

Step 4: Generate Content Ideas

  • Create Intersection Points: Match each topic with a content type in the matrix.
  • Ask for Ideas: Provide the intersection points to get specific content ideas for each.

Step 5: Implement the Ideas

  • Content Creation: Use the generated ideas to create your content.
  • Content Distribution: Share your content across your chosen platforms.

Tips for Optimal Use

  • Be Specific: The more detailed your brand and topic descriptions, the more tailored the content ideas.
  • Experiment: Don't hesitate to try different combinations in the matrix for a variety of ideas.
  • Feedback Loop: Use audience feedback to refine topics and content types for future requests.


Start by defining your brand and goals, identify key topics, and then use the matrix to generate targeted content ideas. Keep refining your approach based on audience response and evolving brand needs.

The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT's Testing Performance

The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT's Core Features

Content Idea Generation

Struggling with creating fresh and relevant content? The Content Matrix GPT generates diverse content ideas tailored to your brand's specific topics and goals, ensuring a continuous flow of innovative and audience-engaging content.

Brand-Focused Customization

Tailoring content to a specific brand can be challenging. This tool customizes content ideas based on the unique aspects of your brand, ensuring that each idea aligns with your brand identity and marketing strategy.

Audience Engagement Optimization

Engaging a target audience effectively is key for content success. The tool's focus on the intended outcome for your audience ensures that content ideas are designed to maximize engagement and relevance.

Topic Diversity Exploration

Covering a range of topics in your content strategy can be overwhelming. This tool simplifies it by exploring multiple topics, providing a variety of content ideas that cover different aspects of your business.

Content Type Variety

Staying innovative with content types is crucial. This tool offers a range of content types like Actionable, Motivational, Analytical, etc., giving you creative ways to present information and engage your audience.

Strategy Development Support

Developing a comprehensive content strategy is complex. This tool supports strategy development by providing structured content ideas that align with your overall marketing and communication goals.

FAQs from The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT

The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT's Prompt Examples

Generating Content Ideas

Our brand focuses on sustainable living. We aim to educate and inspire our audience to adopt eco-friendly practices. Key topics: zero-waste lifestyle, sustainable fashion, renewable energy, green travel, and organic gardening.

I run a tech startup that specializes in AI solutions. Our goal is to demystify AI technology for non-technical users. Topics: AI basics, real-world AI applications, ethical AI, future of AI, and AI for businesses.

We are a health and wellness blog. Our objective is to promote mental and physical well-being. Key topics include: yoga and meditation, healthy eating, mental health awareness, fitness routines, and holistic healing methods.

Customizing Content to Brand Identity

Our company manufactures high-quality athletic wear. We want to build a community around fitness and active lifestyles. Topics: workout gear, fitness trends, athlete nutrition, sports psychology, and outdoor adventures.

I'm a financial advisor offering services to young professionals. My goal is to educate them on financial literacy. Topics include: budgeting, investing, retirement planning, tax strategies, and managing debt.

We are a cooking and food blog focused on vegan recipes. We aim to show the variety and richness of vegan cuisine. Key topics: vegan meal planning, health benefits of veganism, vegan cooking tips, vegan lifestyle, and vegan restaurants.

Aligning Content with Audience Goals

We're a digital marketing agency. Our content aims to help small businesses grow online. Topics: SEO strategies, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, and digital advertising.

I offer career coaching services. My content is designed to assist individuals in career advancement. Topics: resume building, interview skills, career networking, personal branding, and work-life balance.

Our platform is about sustainable travel. We aim to help travelers make eco-friendly choices. Topics: eco-friendly destinations, sustainable travel tips, green hotels, responsible tourism, and conservation efforts.

The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of The Justin Welsh Content Matrix GPT

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