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VideoGPT by VEED

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I guide users in creating video project prompts, which are then used to generate short videos on VEED.

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What does VideoGPT by VEED do? (& its Use Cases)

VideoGPT helps you create custom video content easily. Just describe your vision, and it generates a VEED video project.

Using detailed prompts, it crafts 30-second videos perfect for social media, marketing, or personal projects.

For content creators and marketers:

VideoGPT assists in quickly generating engaging video content for social media and marketing campaigns.

For educators and trainers:

It provides a tool to create educational or training videos with minimal effort.

For personal use and hobbyists:

Helps you bring personal video projects to life, perfect for sharing memories or ideas online.

How to Use VideoGPT by VEED?

Guide to Using VideoGPT by VEED

Welcome to VideoGPT by VEED, your pathway to creating engaging videos with ease. This guide is your step-by-step companion in navigating our innovative platform. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned content creator, our tools are designed to simplify your video-making process.

Step 1: Conceptualize Your Video

Begin by outlining your video's theme or topic. Ask yourself:

  • What is the core message or story?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What style or mood suits my video?

Jot down your ideas. The clearer your concept, the better your outcome.

Step 2: Interact with VideoGPT

Now, share your concept with VideoGPT. Be detailed about your vision. Include elements like tone, key messages, and any specific requirements. VideoGPT will then ask follow-up questions to refine your idea. This collaboration ensures your video aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Step 3: Choose Voice or Avatar

Decide on the narration style. You have two choices:

  1. Voice: Male or female voiceover for a classic narrative.
  2. Avatar: Select from our range of avatars – Avery, Devon, Isabella, Noah, Lily, or Mateo. Avatars add a visual and personal touch to your video.

Your choice here personalizes the viewer's experience.

Step 4: Generate Your Video Project

Once you've finalized your concept and chosen your narrator, VideoGPT will generate your video. This step merges your ideas with our AI technology, crafting a unique video in moments. If there's an issue, don't worry. We'll prompt you to try again or guide you to manually create your video using your concept as a foundation.

Step 5: Edit and Personalize

After generating your video, you can further personalize it in the VEED editor. This is where you can:

  • Add or modify subtitles.
  • Translate your video for a global audience.
  • Clone your voice for consistent voiceovers.
  • Integrate an AI avatar for a dynamic presence.

The VEED editor is designed to be user-friendly, empowering you to enhance your video with a professional touch.

Step 6: Share Your Feedback

We thrive on user feedback. After using VideoGPT, consider sharing your thoughts. Your input helps us refine and evolve, making VideoGPT even better for all users.


Creating professional-looking videos is no longer a daunting task. VideoGPT by VEED equips you with the tools to bring your creative visions to life effortlessly. Remember, each step in this guide is a building block towards your perfect video. Start with a clear concept, engage interactively with VideoGPT, choose your narrator, generate, and then personalize your video. Embrace your creativity and let VideoGPT by VEED transform it into captivating video content.

VideoGPT by VEED's Testing Performance

VideoGPT by VEED's Core Features

Guided Video Project Creation

Facilitates seamless video project creation by guiding users through a detailed prompt refinement process, ensuring the final video aligns perfectly with their vision and specific requirements.

Custom AI-Generated Video Projects

Leverages advanced AI to generate unique, 30-second video projects based on user-defined themes, providing a quick and innovative way to create professional-looking videos.

Effortless Editing and Customization

Offers direct access to VEED's robust video editor, allowing users to fine-tune AI-generated videos with ease, from adjusting scripts to changing visual elements, ensuring a personalized final product.

Comprehensive Theme Exploration

Employs a conversational approach to thoroughly explore and understand the user's desired video theme, ensuring the generated content is highly relevant and tailored to specific needs.

Seamless User Experience

Provides an intuitive, step-by-step journey from conceptualizing to creating a video project, minimizing the complexity typically associated with video production.

Direct Feedback Link

Encourages continuous improvement by offering users an easy way to provide feedback, ensuring the service evolves to meet changing needs and preferences in video creation.

VideoGPT by VEED's Explainer Video

VideoGPT by VEED's Prompt Examples

Social Media Marketing

Create a dynamic 30-second video showcasing the latest fashion trends for a boutique's Instagram page, featuring upbeat music and stylish visuals.

Generate a short, engaging video highlighting key features of a new tech gadget for a Facebook ad campaign, with a clear call-to-action.

Produce a visually appealing video for a health food brand's TikTok account, focusing on quick, healthy recipes using their products, with vibrant colors and energetic music.

Educational Content

Develop an informative 30-second video on climate change, suitable for a high school audience, incorporating engaging animations and easy-to-understand language.

Create a concise video explaining a basic concept in mathematics for middle school students, using clear visuals and examples for better understanding.

Produce a short educational video on historical events, narrated in an engaging manner, with relevant images and timelines for a YouTube educational channel.

Personal Events and Celebrations

Generate a heartwarming video montage for a wedding anniversary, combining photos and clips from the couple's journey together, set to their favorite song.

Create a birthday celebration video, featuring fun moments and messages from friends and family, with festive graphics and joyful music.

Produce a commemorative video for a graduation ceremony, highlighting key moments from the graduate's academic journey, set to an inspiring soundtrack.

VideoGPT by VEED's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of VideoGPT by VEED

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!

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