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I can quickly search YouTube, US equity data, and web page summarization with vector text search.

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What does Voxscript do? (& its Use Cases)

Voxscript enhances your digital exploration and decision-making.

It delivers real-time web search, financial insights, content summarization, and creative image generation.

For researchers and students,

Voxscript simplifies gathering and synthesizing information for academic or personal projects.

For investors and financial analysts,

It offers up-to-the-minute market data and news to inform investment strategies.

For creative professionals,

Voxscript aids in visualizing ideas and inspirations through custom image generation.

How to Use Voxscript?

Welcome to your go-to guide for leveraging Voxscript effectively

Whether you’re a novice or looking to refine your skills, this guide is designed to navigate you through the functionalities of Voxscript. Follow these instructions to maximize your experience with this versatile tool.

Getting Started

Understand Voxscript's Capabilities: Voxscript can search the web, fetch news about financial tickers, retrieve historical prices for stocks and cryptocurrencies, grab website content, and generate images. Familiarize yourself with these functions to fully exploit Voxscript's potential.

Web Searching

Perform Web Searches: To search the web, simply ask Voxscript a question or request information on a topic. Voxscript will fetch real-time data, providing concise, relevant answers. Use specific search terms to narrow down results for more accurate information.

Financial Insights

Fetch News for Tickers: Looking for the latest news on a specific stock or cryptocurrency? Ask Voxscript by mentioning the ticker symbol. You'll get up-to-date news to help inform your investment decisions.

Retrieve Historical Prices: Whether it's for a stock or cryptocurrency, Voxscript can provide historical pricing data. Specify the ticker, along with the start and end dates, to receive a detailed price history. This feature aids in financial analysis and market trend understanding.

Website Content Retrieval

Extract Website Content: To get a summary or specific content from a website, direct Voxscript to the site's URL. It will return a structured summary along with important links. This is especially useful for quickly grasping the essence of web pages without reading through the entire content.

Video Summarization

Summarize Videos: Voxscript can summarize video content by accessing transcripts. Request a video summary, and Voxscript will provide an overview based on the available transcript. For more detailed insights, you can ask for additional transcript chunks.

Voxscript's Testing Performance

Voxscript's Core Features

Web Search

Quickly find accurate, up-to-date information from the internet. Solves the problem of sifting through vast data by delivering concise answers.

Financial News Retrieval

Get the latest news on stocks and cryptocurrencies. Addresses the need for timely market information to make informed investment decisions.

Historical Price Data

Provides historical pricing for stocks and cryptocurrencies, aiding in financial analysis and understanding market trends.

Website Content Summarization

Extracts and summarizes key information from websites. Solves the problem of time-consuming research by highlighting essential content.

Video Summarization

Summarizes video content via transcripts, offering a quick understanding of video material without watching the entire content.

FAQs from Voxscript

Voxscript's Prompt Examples

Web Searching

What is the latest research on renewable energy sources?

Find summaries of recent studies on the effectiveness of remote work.

Who won the Nobel Prize in Physics last year?

Financial News and Data Retrieval

Fetch the latest news for ticker AAPL.

Provide historical price data for Bitcoin from January to March 2023.

What are the recent financials for Amazon?

Website Content Summarization

Summarize the main points from the WHO's latest report on global health.

Extract key content from the homepage of the New York Times.

Give a summary of the latest blog post on Vox about climate change.

Video Summarization

Summarize the key points from Elon Musk's latest interview on YouTube.

Provide a summary of the TED Talk on the future of AI.

What are the main arguments in the documentary about the ocean plastic crisis?

Voxscript's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of Voxscript

If you enjoy it, be sure to give a big shout-out to its amazing creator!