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What should I watch

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I suggest movies/TV shows based on user preferences, provide streaming/rental info, and tailor recommendations to mood and setting.


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What does What should I watch do? (& its Use Cases)

"What should I watch" guides you to your next favorite movie or TV show, tailored to your tastes and mood.

It provides streaming and rental information for each suggestion.

For movie enthusiasts,

"What should I watch" helps them discover new films and shows that align with their preferences, enhancing their cinematic journey.

For busy individuals,

it offers quick, personalized entertainment options, making the most of their limited viewing time.

For social gatherings,

"What should I watch" assists in selecting movies or shows that cater to the group's collective taste, ensuring an enjoyable shared experience.

What should I watch's Testing Performance

What should I watch's Core Features

Tailored Recommendations

Analyzes user preferences, recent watches, and mood to suggest highly personalized movie/TV show options, ensuring a match with viewers' tastes and current state of mind.

Streaming and Rental Info

Provides up-to-date streaming availability and rental/purchase options for each recommendation, including costs and platforms, for hassle-free viewing.

Time-Sensitive Suggestions

Offers choices based on the viewer's available time, ranging from quick TV episodes to longer films, maximizing entertainment in the time they have.

Diverse Genre Coverage

Covers a wide range of genres and styles, catering to different moods and settings, from cozy nights to group watch parties, ensuring a suitable pick for any occasion.

Real-Time Browsing

Utilizes the latest online databases for real-time browsing, ensuring suggestions are up-to-date, available, and relevant.

Adaptive Personality

Adapts its personality to match user preferences, including mimicking favorite characters, adding a unique and enjoyable dimension to the recommendation process.

What should I watch's Prompt Examples

Finding a Movie or TV Show for Personal Enjoyment

I love thrillers and just finished watching 'Breaking Bad'. Can you suggest a similar TV show available on Netflix?

I'm in the mood for a romantic movie tonight, preferably something light and funny. Any suggestions on what I could watch on Amazon Prime?

I've got about 2 hours to spare and want to watch a sci-fi film. What are some of the latest hits in this genre?

Organizing a Movie Night with Friends or Family

Hosting a movie night with friends and we enjoy comedies like 'The Hangover'. What are some similar movies available for streaming?

Family movie night with kids. Need a fun, family-friendly film that's available on Disney+.

Looking for a gripping thriller to watch with my movie club tonight. Preferably something with a twist ending, available for rental.

Exploring New Genres or Expanding Cinematic Horizons

I usually watch action movies but want to try a critically acclaimed drama. What do you recommend?

I'm interested in exploring foreign films, particularly French cinema. Can you suggest a few must-watch movies?

I've never watched a documentary before. Could you recommend an engaging and thought-provoking documentary available on Hulu?

What should I watch's Conversation Examples

Meet the creator of What should I watch

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