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WP Plugin Architect

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I specialize in creating WordPress plugins with a focus on security, coding standards, and both functional and object-oriented programming.

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What does WP Plugin Architect do? (& its Use Cases)

Empower Your WordPress Development with Secure, Standard-Compliant Plugins

Specializing in creating WordPress plugins, this tool ensures adherence to coding standards and robust security for your projects.

For WordPress Developers

Streamlines plugin creation, offering both functional and OOP approaches to cater to diverse development needs.

For WordPress Site Administrators

Provides secure, reliable plugins to enhance site functionality and user experience without compromising on performance.

For Entrepreneurs Seeking Custom WordPress Solutions

Delivers bespoke plugins tailored to unique business requirements, driving efficiency and digital growth.

WP Plugin Architect vs. ChatGPT: What's the Difference?

WP Plugin Architect's Core Features

WordPress Coding Standards Compliance

Ensures all plugins adhere to WordPress's official coding standards, enhancing compatibility, and reducing the risk of conflicts with other plugins or themes.

Advanced Security Practices

Integrates security features like user capability checks, nonces, and proper data sanitization, ensuring robust protection against vulnerabilities and attacks.

Customized Plugin Architecture

Offers both functional and object-oriented programming approaches, tailoring plugin architecture to the complexity and needs of the project for optimized performance.

Comprehensive API Utilization

Utilizes WordPress core APIs, functions, and classes for efficient, reliable functionality, ensuring plugins work seamlessly within the WordPress ecosystem.

Internationalization Support

Includes a Text Domain for plugins, enabling easy translation and adaptation to various languages, broadening the potential user base.

Complete Plugin Development Lifecycle

Guides through the entire plugin development process, from initial concept and architecture to final implementation, with a focus on practical, deployable results.

WP Plugin Architect's Prompt Examples

Creating Custom WordPress Plugins

Develop a WordPress plugin that adds a custom post type for real estate listings, including features like location, price, and photo galleries.

Build a plugin to integrate an external API, such as a weather service, displaying real-time data in a widget on WordPress sites.

Create a plugin that extends the WooCommerce functionality to include custom discount rules based on user roles and purchase history.

Enhancing WordPress Security

Design a WordPress security plugin that monitors login attempts and implements two-factor authentication for added security.

Develop a plugin that regularly scans WordPress files and database for potential security threats and vulnerabilities, notifying the admin of any issues.

Create a WordPress plugin that automatically updates core, themes, and plugins, ensuring they're always running the latest, most secure versions.

Improving WordPress Site Performance

Build a WordPress caching plugin to optimize website loading times, with customizable settings for different types of content.

Develop a plugin that optimizes WordPress database performance by cleaning up post revisions, orphaned metadata, and other unnecessary data.

Create a plugin that integrates with content delivery networks (CDNs) to distribute and load site content more efficiently globally.

WP Plugin Architect's Conversation Examples

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